VIC Strata legislation changes from 1 December 2021

Special resolution calculation change

Our Victorian Legislation Rules Engine has been updated to accommodate the additional methodology to pass a special resolution motion (albeit as an interim special resolution), where:

· a special resolution would not otherwise pass

· quorum has been met (determined when starting the meeting)

· there is at least one vote in favour of the motion

· there are no votes against the motion

For full details of these changes including but not exclusive to special resolution calculation, please visit this website.

Running a meeting without any attendance

Customers using StrataVote will now be able to allow:

· a Meeting to start with no attendees marked in the Attendance Register

· a Strata Manager to set themselves as the Chairperson when starting the meeting

· a Motion to be Passed or Defeated by “Manager’s Choice”, at the discretion of the Strata Manager

· a Meeting to be Concluded although it had no attendees (even with an Election Motion contained within the meeting)

· a Minutes document to be produced, including the motion outcomes decided by “Manager’s Choice”

The same workflow can be followed to Run a Meeting as normal, though the changes above will now allow flexibility for a “no attendee” meeting scenario.

These updates are live and apply to all meetings held from 1 December 2021.

If you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact us via Helpdesk using the link below. Please ensure to have your logins ready.