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Urbanise actively seeks and implements user feedback, continuously developing and releasing features that meet our evolving needs. This progressive approach ensures that we remain at the forefront of technology in the strata management space. In just 12 months since our strategic rebrand, we have more than doubled our portfolio, an achievement that has supported by the strategic leverage of Urbanise. Their platform has been instrumental in fostering business growth, operational efficiency, and client satisfaction.

Ingrid Goldenfein

Head of Boutique Communities

At FMCO, we are committed to providing our clients with the best possible CAFM solutions. We believe that Urbanise's CAFM module is the perfect solution for our needs, and we are confident that it will help us to achieve our operational goals, and we are confident that the implementation of the CAFM module will have a positive impact on our business and will help us to achieve our strategic objectives.
We value our strong relationship with Urbanise, and we look forward to continuing to work with you in the future.

Jafar Alelew

Business & IT Manager

Urbanise Strata not only met but exceeded our expectations. The modern user interface, intuitive design, and robust features have empowered our team to streamline daily tasks, enhance overall efficiency, and confidently win new business. Urbanise Strata's automation capabilities, particularly in levies and arrears management, have saved us significant time and improved accuracy. What used to take weeks is now accomplished effortlessly. Moreover, the platform's dashboards, reports, and insights have become invaluable tools in showcasing our professionalism and securing new clients. Thanks to the streamlined processes and automation, we can now ensure that all our work is properly accounted for, enhancing our profitability and clients' satisfaction. Urbanise Strata has truly transformed our business for the better.

Venessa Afonso

Director, Geelong & Surf Coast

Since mid-2022, SIBCA has been utilising Urbanise as their CAFM solution, leading to a comprehensive automation transformation in their processes. The platform has replaced manual processes with streamlined reactive maintenance, work order management and enhanced preventive and planned maintenance. This has resulted in increased efficiency and accuracy.
Overall, Urbanise, our CAFM solution, has effectively innovated our daily operations into a completely automated process.

Khalil Lari

Chief Technology Officer

The Urbanise FM cloud-based SaaS solution enables Knight FM to provide a holistic approach to integrated facilities management for our clients, driven by data. With our combined global knowledge and strong desire for innovation and collaboration, the partnership with Urbanise is focused on leading the industry in best practice developments and creating value-adding solutions for our clients.

Naveen Radhappan

Chief Operating Officer

Urbanise Strata has been our trusted Strata Management platform since we started operating our business over four years ago. One of our main benefits is that it is cloud-based, allowing our staff to access information seamlessly anywhere.

Other features such as automatic issuing of levies, arrears notices, live financials, live support, and StrataVote anywhere have helped us increase efficiencies and are essential to our business's day-to-day operation. Urbanise Strata has been fundamental in our ability to deliver professional service to our clients and grow our business.

We appreciate the team for their continuous support.

Naz Naufal

Owners Corporation Manager

Urbanise Strata has been a game-changer for our business at ACE Ballarat South & Warrnambool. The transition to this modern platform has streamlined our operations and significantly enhanced client interactions and engagement. We’ve experienced substantial growth in our portfolio, with a 31% increase in ACE Warrnambool and an 8% increase in ACE Ballarat South over the past year.

Wayne Clack


Debt recovery and the robust reporting Urbanise Strata software provides is sensational. The software has given us the means to recover outstanding funds on behalf of our clients and gain a comprehensive financial health overview. In our industry, timely levy collection is pivotal; this functionality has been a game-changer. Thanks to Urbanise Strata, our approach to debt recovery is now a strategic cornerstone, ensuring our long-term financial stability and success.

Simon Saint-John

Managing Director

Things have been running very smoothly, and we will be ramping up volume through our integrations in the coming weeks. The internal FM Team has taken to the system well, and we will be rolling out to the broader business and selected suppliers throughout August & September.

David Reid

Senior Facilities Manager, Property

With Urbanise, we have complete visibility into the lifecycle of our assets and their associated expenditure. With integration to our finance and compliance software and real-time reporting, we have a continuous improvement model that enables business efficiencies across our Property investments and delivers improved outcomes for residents who call our Aged Care & Retirement Villages home.

Regan Stathers

EGM, Technology & Property

The retirement communities we are building, and managing are multi-generational assets. They must meet the needs of our current and future residents to remain valid for the long term.

It was important that we selected a platform that enabled us to go paperless through a fast and simple digital application. This change is transformational for our residents, providing them a painless way to log and receive quality maintenance services across our network.

Our community and support teams will have a standard approach to track and deliver more efficiently and effectively now too.

Kay Marshall

General Manager - Village Services

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