Urbanise Strata

The Urbanise Strata platform is used to manage apartment buildings, strata commercial towers and large housing communities. The system is cloud-based and integrates management, communication and accounting functions all on one integrated platform.

Today, over 320,000 properties are managed more

intelligently on the Urbanise Strata Platform

✔︎ Automate Tasks

Increase efficiency with intelligent automation of manual tasks

✔︎ Improve Operations

Streamline processes with end-to-end visibility and communication

✔︎ Scalable Model

Expand your portfolio with confidence and transparency

Complete End-to-End

Solution for Strata Managers


Ledger accounting, auto bank reconciliation, customisable account settings.


Automatic levy generation and distribution, automated arrears escalation.

Document Management

Easily drag and drop, share and access documents securely.

Supplier Payments

Bulk invoice processing, online approval management, single payment process for multiple accounts.

Meeting Management

Online and onsite meeting functionality, autogenerate agendas and minutes, bulk distribution, customisable templates.


Complete suite of financial reports, automated scheduled reporting, localised legislation referencing.

Work Order Management

Work order system, request for quotations, track work order history, supplier compliance management.



Complementing the Urbanise Strata platform, Strata Managers can utilise additional packages and open up new business opportunities, insights and efficiency gains.


An attractive opportunity for strata management companies is to provide “behind-the-door” services to the residents who live and work in the buildings they operate. Urbanise has an e-commerce storefront with service management capabilities that enable you to sell both in-apartment and strata management services online. The system enables managers to easily design and deploy a digital storefront of services to residents in a matter of minutes. You can use your own supplier network or one of Urbanise’s preferred partners to improve customer service and generate new revenue streams.

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Want to know more?

Is Urbanise Strata true cloud?

Urbanise Strata is 100% cloud. Hosted on Amazon Web Servers (AWS), anywhere you can access the internet you are able to access Urbanise Strata.The Urbanise Strata platform is compatible with modern web browsers without the need for any plugins. Simply log in to google chrome, firefox, Safari or your other preferred modern web browser on your Mac or PC and you are up and running.

How do I migrate from another strata management platform?

Depending on the size of your business and the technology you are moving away from we are able to migrate your data using different methods. Generally broken into two parts being 1) non-financial data, being unit, owner and other details and 2) financial data being levy transactions, expense, revenue and so on. Different migration methods include extraction of data (CSV files) from the outgoing system to handover to our team to import into the Urbanise Strata platform, or connectivity via a Database to Database migration. Our team will recommend a solution based on the size of your business.

Is training included?

Yes, as part of our proposal we will provide training options that best suits your business. With options ranging from online training to onsite solutions, we ensure your staff get the knowledge they need to benefit from the tools and efficiencies of Urbanise Strata.

How do I get started?

Simply book a demo here! Once you have seen the platform and confirmed training and migration needs, we will prepare a proposal that will include top-level details on project timetable, data migration, training program etc. These proposals can be digitally signed and we can schedule you a kick-off meeting to begin your move to Urbanise Strata.

How much does it cost?

Urbanise Strata is costed on a per-lot basis. Functionality built right into the platform allows management companies to pass these costs onto their customers or absorb these fees directly into management fees. This model scales well, as your business grows the software cost grows along with it rather than a large upfront capital investment. Volume discounts also apply so as your business grows the cost of the software per lot will reduce.

Is the customer portal included?

Yes, the customer portals are automatically created and ready for use when setting up new plans in Urbanise Strata. Data visible in the portal, such as levy transactions, are immediately available as these pull data live from the Urbanise Strata platform. We also have a mobile app available from the Google Playstore and the Apple App store for your end users to download for free.

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