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Urbanise Strata

Strata Management Software 

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✔︎ Streamline Operations
✔︎ Win New Business
✔︎ Improve Profitability
✔︎ Increase Client Engagement

How does it work?

With Urbanise Strata, you can manage multiple buildings and communities on a cloud-based system that integrates accounting, communication, building, and community management into a single platform.

Key features include:

Levies & Arrears Automation 

Urbanise's levies and arrears management automation simplifies the budgeting and levies process, eliminating manual tasks and making it a seamless experience.

  • Automated levy notices and debt recovery from the budget.

  • Streamline arrears management automation.

  • Reduce hours of administration.

  • Achieve scalable financial control.

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Levies and Arrears
Admin Automation.png


Urbanise takes care of manual, repetitive admin tasks, freeing up time for strategic initiatives.

  • Streamline accounting with automated electronic banking.

  • Swift transaction entry & automated bank reconciliations.

  • Save hours on invoicing with bulk processing.

  • Manage approvals online & process single payments for multiple accounts.

Dashboards &

Dashboards and reports serve as powerful tools, empowering you to analyse your client's financial and operational status thoroughly.

  • Gain valuable insights with Urbanise Strata's financial overview.

  • Anticipate challenges and act preemptively with actionable reports.

  • Project a modern image with clear financial documentation.

  • Demonstrate transparency and credibility to attract new business.

  • Enhance credibility through visual, insightful financial presentations.

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Dashboards & Reports 2.png
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Streamline task management and tracking using the tasks, notes, and timeline functions.


  • Automate repetitive tasks and oversee day-to-day projects.

  • Ensure efficient project tracking and follow-ups.

  • Dedicate more time to meaningful client interactions.

  • Foster stronger client relationships and seize new opportunities.


by Urbanise 

Community™ by Urbanise empowers your clients to access a wealth of information 24/7 instead of sending inquiries to you or your team.​​

  • Enhance client experience with greater transparency and control over their property-related matters.

  • Reduce time spent on routine requests.

  • Available on Apple/Android Apps or desktop.

  • Customise the portal for a seamless, branded client experience.


Elevate your strata management efficiency with Urbanise Strata's Meetings Module, powered by StrataVote.

  • Automate agenda and minutes creation with customisable templates.

  • Streamline the process for strata managers effortlessly.

  • Flexibility for online and onsite meetings as per client preferences.

  • Enhance efficiency and convenience with adaptable meeting options.

  • Simplify meeting detail management; eliminate manual tasks.

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Admin Automation
Dashboards and Reports
Task Management
Meeting Management
Community Mangemet

News & Articles

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Want to know more?

Check out our FAQ's and Book a Demo to speak to the team today!

  • Is Urbanise Strata true cloud?
    Urbanise Strata is 100% cloud. Hosted on Amazon Web Servers (AWS), anywhere you can access the internet you are able to access Urbanise Strata.The Urbanise Strata platform is compatible with modern web browsers without the need for any plugins. Simply log in to google chrome, firefox, Safari or your other preferred modern web browser on your Mac or PC and you are up and running.
  • How do I transition my data from another strata management platform?
    Urbanise assists with the uploading of data from your previous system in 2 ways. 1. Static Data: This is data that is considered to not change on a frequent basis, for example Property Unit List Owners Insurance Policy Levy Settings Urbanise provides excel templates for you to populate with your data, and we upload this on your behalf via a selection of Super User tools to enhance the process and save you from manually entering this directly into the system. 2. Financial Data: This data is the core of getting your financial position accurate moving forward. Typically, this is a manual process where the following reports are provided, and manually loaded into your account Balance Sheet Income and Expense Statement Aged Levy Balances Accounts Payables details Details of any investment accounts etc Different data upload methods may be used in specific situations where it is not practical to complete these financial uploads manually. In these situations our team will review and provide a recommend a solution based on the size of your business.
  • Is training included?
    Yes, as part of our proposal we will provide training options that best suits your business. With options ranging from online training to onsite solutions, we ensure your staff get the knowledge they need to benefit from the tools and efficiencies of Urbanise Strata.
  • How do I get started?
    Simply book a demo here! Once you have seen the platform and confirmed training and migration needs, we will prepare a proposal that will include top-level details on project timetable, data migration, training program etc. These proposals can be digitally signed and we can schedule you a kick-off meeting to begin your move to Urbanise Strata.
  • How much does it cost?
    Urbanise Strata is costed on a per-lot basis. Functionality built right into the platform allows management companies to pass these costs onto their customers or absorb these fees directly into management fees. This model scales well, as your business grows the software cost grows along with it rather than a large upfront capital investment. Volume discounts also apply so as your business grows the cost of the software per lot will reduce.
  • Is the customer portal included?
    Yes, the customer portals are automatically created and ready for use when setting up new plans in Urbanise Strata. Data visible in the portal, such as levy transactions, are immediately available as these pull data live from the Urbanise Strata platform. We also have a mobile app available from the Google Playstore and the Apple App store for your end users to download for free.
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