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Leveraging Urbanise for Strata Management Success

Case Study: ACE Ballarat South & Warrnambool

ACE Ballarat and Urbanise CASE Study

ACE Ballarat South & Warrnambool, led by Wayne Clack, is a renowned player in the strata management industry. Wayne came into strata management from a building/business manager background. Wayne’s brother-in-law was a franchise owner as well. Seven years ago, Wayne purchased ACE Warrnambool, which covers several small towns in regional Victoria, and five years ago, he expanded and purchased ACE Ballarat South.

Currently, the company effectively manages 89 properties, encompassing 735 lots. Wayne is a dedicated sole operator. He receives valuable assistance from a part-time administrative professional who works remotely. This collaborative arrangement benefits significantly from utilising a cloud-based system like Urbanise Strata.

As a sole operator with part-time administrative support, the cloud-based system has allowed ACE Ballarat South & Warrnambool to manage its operations efficiently. This streamlined approach aligns seamlessly with their growth objectives and sets the stage for future success. Urbanise Strata has made their daily operations more efficient and equipped them with the tools to thrive in the competitive strata management landscape.

Transition to Urbanise Strata

Before embracing Urbanise, ACE Ballarat South & Warrnambool had been utilising the services of the software company's older platform, StrataWare. However, this legacy system was often perceived as clunky and no longer aligned with their evolving needs and aspirations.

The transition to the Urbanise Strata platform took place in 2020. Recognising the need for a modern and dynamic solution, ACE Ballarat South & Warrnambool moved to Urbanise Strata, anticipating positive changes in their operations and client interactions.

Key benefits and improvements following their transition to Urbanise

Adopting Urbanise Strata by ACE Ballarat South & Warrnambool has ushered in many benefits, significantly transforming their strata management operations. This modern and intuitive platform boasts a contemporary user interface that dramatically simplifies daily tasks, enhancing overall operational efficiency.

Urbanise's dynamic dashboards and comprehensive reporting capabilities have emerged as indispensable tools, pivotal in ACE Ballarat South & Warrnambool's endeavours to secure new business. These features provide valuable insights and facilitate data-driven decisions, giving them a competitive edge in the market.

One of the standout advantages of Urbanise Strata is the automation it offers. Automatic levies and ePost have emerged as game-changers, automating formerly time-consuming manual tasks. This automation saves an estimated three weeks per year in administrative time and significantly boosts the accuracy of levy notices. Gone are the days of envelope stuffing and manual levy management; Urbanise Strata has revolutionised these processes.

The platform's intuitive navigation across all screens enables users to work seamlessly. Tasks can be managed concurrently, enhancing multitasking capabilities. Even new franchise owners have seamlessly adapted to the platform's user-friendly interface, underlining its accessibility and efficiency.

Urbanise Strata's rich features and functionalities span a broad spectrum, encompassing property setup, invoice processing, and debt collection. These tools have proven invaluable, streamlining operations and ensuring accuracy, ultimately contributing to ACE Ballarat South & Warrnambool's continued success and growth in the strata management industry.

Urbanise Strata isn't just about operational efficiency; it also significantly contributes to ACE Ballarat South & Warrnambool's compliance efforts. It has facilitated the automation of insurance policies, ensuring that coverage is up-to-date and complies with regulations. This level of automation saves time and guarantees that insurance policies remain current and accurate.

Management agreements, a critical component of strata management, are now seamlessly handled through Urbanise Strata. This ensures that all necessary agreements are in place and compliant with industry regulations.

Adopting Urbanise Strata by ACE Ballarat South & Warrnambool has ushered in a new era of client engagement, particularly in meetings. Previously, they would participate in face-to-face meetings with hardcopy printouts that often went unread. Urbanise Strata has overhauled this process, transforming client engagement during meetings.

During online meetings, ACE Ballarat South & Warrnambool employs online presentations that include financial graphs. These graphs provide clients with a visual representation of their financial status. Key financial metrics such as cash flow, levies, cash reserves, outgoings, and expenditures are presented dynamically. This innovative approach significantly enhances client engagement by grabbing their attention and ensuring they are instantly informed about their financial situation.

Online meetings have also become a staple of ACE Ballarat South & Warrnambool's approach. These virtual meetings are not only convenient but also feature dynamic online content. This ensures clients are actively engaged throughout the meeting, focusing on important matters instead of sifting through paper documents.

Urbanise Strata’s database and user-friendly interface ensure that historical and current data are readily accessible. Their clients prefer traditional methods such as email to request documents over the self-service portal. With Urbanise Strata, ACE Ballarat South & Warrnambool can promptly retrieve and provide the answers they seek. Whether it's financial records, historical meeting minutes, or property-related details, the platform's efficient data management empowers them to respond to client queries promptly and accurately.

Measuring Success

For ACE Ballarat South & Warrnambool, measuring success involves a multi-faceted approach considering various metrics and indicators. Some of the critical metrics they utilise to gauge their achievements include:

Portfolio Growth: A fundamental metric is the total number of properties and lots they manage. A growing portfolio indicates attracting new business and expanding their client base. Over the last 12 months, ACE Warrnambool has grown its portfolio by 31%, and ACE Ballarat South has grown by 8%.

Average Revenue Per Lot: Calculating the average revenue per lot provides valuable insights into their operations' financial health and profitability. This metric helps ACE Ballarat South & Warrnambool assess the efficiency of their revenue generation per property, aiding in financial planning and decision-making.

Driving business growth with Urbanise

ACE Ballarat South's journey with Urbanise Strata has transformed its operations and played a pivotal role in driving business growth:

Utilising Dashboards and Reports: Urbanise Strata equips ACE Ballarat South & Warrnambool with powerful dashboards and reports. These tools allow them to present a modern and professional image to potential clients. By showcasing clear and insightful financial reports, budgets, and other documents, they can effectively demonstrate their commitment to transparency and financial accountability. This visual salesmanship enhances their credibility and plays a vital role in winning new business.

Automation of Levies: Urbanise's automation capabilities, particularly in handling levies, have been a game-changer for ACE Ballarat South & Warrnambool. Automating levies ensures that financial processes are accurate, efficient, and on schedule. This saves valuable time and enhances their reputation for reliability and professionalism in the eyes of property owners and committees.

Efficiency and Professionalism: Urbanise Strata provides ACE Ballarat South & Warrnambool with the tools it needs to streamline its operations. This efficiency allows them to manage their properties professionally, offering top-notch service to property owners and committees. The platform's intuitive interface and automation features have helped ACE Ballarat South & Warrnambool maintain a competitive edge in the market, attracting new clients and retaining existing ones.

Urbanise Strata has been a game-changer for our business at ACE Ballarat South & Warrnambool. The transition to this modern platform has streamlined our operations and significantly enhanced client interactions and engagement.
The automation capabilities, particularly in handling levies, have saved significant administrative time. The software’s dashboards and reporting tools have helped us win new business by presenting clear and insightful financial reports, budgets, and other documents. This visual salesmanship has enhanced our credibility and professionalism in the eyes of potential clients.
Additionally, the platform's intuitive interface and automation features have allowed us to maintain a competitive edge in the market, attracting new clients and retaining existing ones. We've experienced substantial growth in our portfolio, with a 31% increase in ACE Warrnambool and an 8% increase in ACE Ballarat South over the past year.
In summary, Urbanise Strata has transformed our operations and driven our business growth, making it an invaluable asset for ACE Ballarat South & Warrnambool" Wayne Clack, Owner, ACE Ballarat South & Warrnambool

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