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Mambourin Selects Urbanise: Streamlining NDIS Facility Operations

Urbanise FM is thrilled to announce the signing of Mambourin for a 12-month contract. The collaboration aims to streamline Mambourin's facility management processes, ensuring efficient operations for their buildings and warehouses catering to individuals under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

Scheduled to GO LIVE in June 2024, the implementation process is designed for swift integration, allowing Mambourin to quickly leverage Urbanise's cutting-edge solution. With Urbanise's platform, Mambourin will manage 10 buildings seamlessly, optimising operations for enhanced support to NDIS participants.

Prior to partnering with Urbanise, Mambourin relied on spreadsheets to oversee facility management tasks. However, the need for increased compliance and reporting, inherent in NDIS operations, necessitated a more sophisticated approach. Urbanise emerged as the ideal solution, empowering Mambourin to fulfil compliance and reporting requirements without expanding their workforce.

"We are excited to embark on this journey with Urbanise to modernise our facility management processes," said Warren Yates, General Manager - ICT at Mambourin. "With Urbanise's expertise, we are confident in our ability to meet the rigorous compliance standards of the NDIS while enhancing operational efficiency."

CEO Danielle Carey-Munro adds ‘’As we navigate the complex landscape of NDIS compliance, we are looking to partner with Urbanise in providing robust solutions tailored to our specific needs and will help us modernise processes and set industry standards."


The partnership between Mambourin and Urbanise marks a significant milestone in Urbanise's commitment to transforming facility management across diverse sectors.

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About Mambourin

Mambourin is a leading organisation providing essential support and services to individuals under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). With a focus on empowerment and inclusion, they operate community day programs ‘Hubs’, and warehouses aimed at enhancing the lives of NDIS participants through leisure and life skills, and vocational training and social participation initiatives. Mambourin's commitment to excellence and service has made them a trusted leader in the disability support sector.


About Urbanise Limited (ASX: UBN) is an ASX listed SaaS business, headquartered in Australia, offering solutions for facilities and strata managers. Our cloud platforms are transformative for users by improving customer service, reducing operational costs, providing key analytics, and enabling new revenue streams. Urbanise operates globally with a customer base spanning across 15 countries.    

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