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Urbanise Welcomes Zulu Facilities Management to its Growing Client Roster

Urbanise FM proudly announces the addition of Zulu Facilities Management (Zulu FM) to its expanding clientele. Zulu FM is a dynamic Integrated Facilities Management (IFM) company based in Queensland, recently established and ready for growth. 

Zulu FM sets itself apart by managing multiple facets of building maintenance, including monitoring, planning, and executing maintenance services. The company's unique advantage lies in its ability to maintain all programmed services, covering cleaning, maintenance, and various building trades, providing a comprehensive solution for organisations. 

"Having been exposed to Urbanise while working with large companies and managing their facility operations, we recognised the value it brings to Facilities Management," said Rob Gianfelici, General Manager, Zulu FM. "Our decision to partner with Urbanise is grounded in our commitment to delivering unparalleled services to our clients. Urbanise's technology, especially the Customer Portal functionality, aligns seamlessly with our vision for customer satisfaction."

"We are excited to partner with Zulu FM. As a startup in the Integrated Facilities Management sector, this partnership reflects Urbanise's dedication to supporting startups in the industry, ensuring scalability and excellence in service delivery. We look forward to assisting Zulu FM in their mission to deliver efficient and top-notch services to their clients," said James Danaher, Executive General Manager - FM. 


Zulu FM aims to leverage Urbanise's advanced technology solutions to streamline operations, enhance customer experiences, and establish itself as an Integrated Facilities Management sector leader. 

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About Zulu FM 

Zulu Facilities Management excels in comprehensive property upkeep, covering monitoring, planning, and managing maintenance services, including cleaning and building trades. Their distinctive Intrinsic Management system integrates Quality Assurance, HACCP, and Safety Management, supported by a robust reporting structure for systematic monitoring and corrective action. 


About Urbanise Limited (ASX: UBN) is an ASX listed SaaS business, headquartered in Australia, offering solutions for facilities and strata managers. Our cloud platforms are transformative for users by improving customer service, reducing operational costs, providing key analytics, and enabling new revenue streams. Urbanise operates globally with a customer base spanning across 15 countries.    

If you're interested in learning more about Urbanise FM, book a demo with one of our team today.

Zulu Facilities Management and Urbanise


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