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Urbanise FM and Building Facilities Pty Ltd Sign 3-Year Agreement

Urbanise FM, is proud to announce a three-year partnership with Building Facilities Pty Ltd.  

With over a decade of industry experience, Building Facilities Pty Ltd is committed to simplifying project management and optimising building facility operations. The company specialises in providing boutique facilities management services, focusing on energy savings, comfort improvement, and unwavering dedication to client needs. 

Building Facilities Pty Ltd's went LIVE with Urbanise FM in December 2023 following a swift implementation and training period, completed in just two weeks. The seamless execution underscores the agility and efficiency of Urbanise FM's implementation process.   

"Our decision to partner with Urbanise FM was fuelled by a combination of strong recommendations, the presence of a local and expert team in Melbourne, and their innovative cloud-based technology," said Fab Segi, Director of Building Facilities Pty Ltd. "Using Urbanise FM to optimise operations and elevate customer experiences seamlessly aligns with our mission to elevate the standards and professionalism of property management services as we navigate this phase of strategic growth." 

Building Facilities Pty Ltd, led by Director Fab Segi, who boast almost a decade of building management experience. The leadership team's expertise, combined with Urbanise FM's technology solutions, positions Building Facilities Pty Ltd for continued success in meeting all building management needs. 

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About Building Facilities Pty Ltd

Building Facilities Pty Ltd specialises in comprehensive Facilities Management services, ensuring seamless functionality and efficient support for property managers. With a mission to elevate the quality and professionalism of property management, their skilled staff and organisational values of customer trust, integrity, and commitment set them apart in handling diverse and demanding sites within the Facilities Management space. 

About Urbanise Limited (ASX: UBN) is an ASX listed SaaS business, headquartered in Australia, offering solutions for facilities and strata managers. Our cloud platforms are transformative for users by improving customer service, reducing operational costs, providing key analytics, and enabling new revenue streams. Urbanise operates globally with a customer base spanning across 15 countries.  

If you're interested in learning more about Urbanise FM, book a demo with one of our team today.

Building Facilities Management and Urbanise


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