Creating Synergies Between Two Service-Oriented Businesses

Urbanise and LinkSafe Integration

Our dedicated team had the privilege of working with LinkSafe, an industry-leading compliance management software provider, to accelerate technology innovation, and drive business impact to provide our customers with a comprehensive solution to meet their safety and compliance goals and objectives.

Urbanise continues to focus on bringing our technology and products together into experiences and solutions that deliver new value to customers.

Putting Customers First

Urbanise engaged with LinkSafe in August 2020 to establish a collaborative relationship based on the integration of our aligned software systems. As service-orientated businesses whose focus is on delivering timesaving and user-intuitive solutions to our customer base, it was only natural that Urbanise and LinkSafe form a strategic partnership to add value to each other’s business.

Both Urbanise and LinkSafe possess a strong account management strategy where we develop a solid understanding of our customer’s needs, their facilities, and how they engage and manage contractors. This collective knowledge forms the basis of our fit-for-purpose solution to our customers.

The Approach

Commencing a system design process with LinkSafe, Urbanise’s aim was to implement a user intuitive and automated solution for contractor management. Functionality was to include at a minimum:

Contractor pre-qualification

Monitoring of expiry of certifications (compliance management)

Cascading induction process including site specific induction

Automatic job access restriction to non-compliant contractors

The system design process involved field mapping, process mapping and identifying the API’s and the building of middleware. Data migration tasks were also undertaken.

The Result

The logic between LinkSafe and Urbanise resulted in a fully integrated system that provides a comprehensive solution to Urbanise in the management of contractors in the FM environment. Contractor information, including their individual employees, is integrated between the two systems. This means that work orders assigned to contractors in Urbanise will be checked for compliance in both LinkSafe and Urbanise at the work assigned stage, the pre-site compliance check stage and at the on-site stage. Urbanise users will receive notification of contractor compliance, non- compliance or pending compliance in both the Operations Module and the Force Mobility App of the Urbanise Facilities Platform.

Real-time syncing of information between LinkSafe and Urbanise ensures accuracy of contractor’s compliance status thereby removing the potential of non-compliance at every stage along the contractor‘s pre-work process.

“Our alliance with Urbanise enables users to have a fully comprehensive contractor management experience. Not only does it give the ability for users to have the traditional benefits of what LinkSafe can offer via its powerful contractor management tool, but it gives users the ability to seamlessly integrate with a single platform that offers leading facilities and asset management solutions.”

David Erczmann, General Manager of LinkSafe.

The Importance of Compliance

Contractor compliance is an important issue as failure in it can expose building owners or facility managers to legal liability, financial risk, or even injuries or death to people on-site or members of the community. Additionally, adequately monitoring and managing contractors and undertaking the compliance process has historically been time consuming and repetitive.

LinkSafe’s contractor management solution provides our customers with transparency and visibility across the compliance process. LinkSafe’s alert function indicates when the contractor’s documentation is nearing expiration meaning they can take the necessary actions to remain compliant.

"The collaboration between our two systems means that a service provider or asset owner can instantly leverage the comprehensive compliance management functionality of LinkSafe in real time out in the field while attending jobs in Urbanise. Knowing that only compliant contractors will ever attend site gives peace of mind and reduces administration time." Jarred McKenzie, Implementation Manager at Urbanise

Creating a COVID-19 Compliant and Safer Workplace

Further increasing the importance of compliance was the COVID-19 pandemic, causing widespread disruption to workplaces across the globe. Workplaces now must meet heightened government requirements for cleaning, hazard and contamination management, and ultimately, ensuring the safety and wellbeing of employees and customers.

Urbanise, via LinkSafe’s integrated functionality, helps workplaces stay ahead of the curve through its contractor compliance functionality by providing:

Visibility of contractors COVID-19 Safe Plans

Message board notifications and acknowledgements to COVID-19 requirements

No face-to-face inductions

Contactless electronic pre-qualifications, permit applications, hazard management, incident management and visitor management processes

Ability to monitor those entering a building for COVID or virus-related symptoms

Urbanise's Vision for Integration

Urbanise provides solutions and services that address our customer’s business needs. To cope with this growing demand for services and fulfil our customers’ requirements of customising our software applications to suit their needs, we partner with industry leaders to deliver added value to both our customer bases.

Integrating Urbanise Facilities with LinkSafe has accelerated our impact within the space of streamlined contractor management solutions and has enhanced the value our customers experience from their investment in Urbanise.

Urbanise is on a journey to establish a rich legacy of partnerships with other industry software leaders. These partnerships will bring together our complementary strengths to deliver specialised capabilities, industry solutions and services that will empower our customers to achieve more.

Interested to hear more about this integration? Reach out to the Urbanise team to learn more about how this synergy could help your business.