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Streamlined Property Management

Baptcare Successfully Implements Urbanise FM

Baptcare, a prominent faith-based not-for-profit organisation specialising in aged care, retirement living, in-home care, and community services across Victoria and Tasmania, has achieved a major milestone in its ongoing digital transformation journey. The implementation of Urbanise Facility Management (FM) software marks a successful stride towards centralising property management operations across its expansive network of 16 Residential Aged Care Facilities and 6 Retirement Living Villages.

With a commitment to enhancing the quality of life for senior citizens and individuals requiring specialised care, Baptcare has strategically embraced digital solutions to streamline its operations and elevate its service delivery. The implementation of Urbanise FM software is a key step in this direction, empowering Baptcare to efficiently manage maintenance activities and gain valuable insights into asset life cycles for informed future planning.

Baptcare's Executive General Manager Property Ray Bongiorno stated, "Our mission is centered around providing high quality care and services to our residents and clients. We recognised the need to centralise our property management processes to optimise efficiency and ensure that our facilities are maintained at the highest standards. After a rigorous evaluation process, Urbanise FM emerged as the most suitable choice for meeting our diverse business requirements."

The decision to adopt Urbanise FM followed a competitive tender process that evaluated various Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS) solutions available in the market. Urbanise's comprehensive product offering and robust capabilities aligned seamlessly with Baptcare's goals of enhancing maintenance management across multiple business units.

Since the initial implementation phase, Baptcare has expressed satisfaction with the stability and performance of the Urbanise platform. As the organisation proceeds with comprehensive training for its maintenance teams, the adoption and engagement levels have demonstrated remarkable success. This positive response underscores the user-friendly interface and intuitive functionalities that Urbanise FM brings to Baptcare's workforce.

Baptcare's utilisation of Urbanise FM exemplifies a proactive approach to embracing technology for operational excellence in the aged care and retirement living sectors. The successful implementation reinforces Baptcare's position as an industry leader dedicated to delivering exceptional care and services.

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About Baptcare

Baptcare is a faith-based not-for-profit organisation that provides high-quality aged care, retirement living, in-home care, and community services across Victoria and Tasmania. With a commitment to excellence and compassion, Baptcare is dedicated to improving the lives of individuals requiring specialised care and support.

About Urbanise

Urbanise FM is a leading provider of facility management cloud software designed to connect property, suppliers, and clients to help deliver exceptional service with powerful automation, data and insights.

With Urbanise FM, customers can manage infrastructure, buildings, residential and commercial properties on a cloud-based system that integrates facilities management, asset management, work order management and workforce management into a single platform. Urbanise provides full visibility of the facilities management function and associated insights through Urbanise Analytics powered by Microsoft PowerBI. Urbanise integrates with a number of industry leading solutions to offer even more automation and drive value for our clients.

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