Urbanise Strata Update (99)

Welcome to the final release for 2021! We've kept the best for last with a raft of new features that we know you're going to love including CRM functions, supplier compliance enhancements and much more. 🦄.


Timeline ⏱️

View portfolio events and user added notes in a single scrollable, filterable, searchable screen. See everything for all properties, or filter on a single property over a specified date range.

Add notes against properties and contacts, attach files to your notes and set them as warnings to show in various parts of the system.

Timeline has the CRM functions you've been waiting for, and has way to much functionality to include in release notes... so follow the aptly named button below to learn more. 😁


Unit Journal Attachments

Store files against Unit Journals by just dragging and dropping them on the journal - especially handy to store email approvals for penalty reversals. 📁


Email History

The "Email History" screen now includes all levy and arrears emails sent from the system. We've even added support for legacy emails sent via the Strataware communication module to assist with transitioning clients.


Supplier Compliance

We've beefed up the Supplier Compliance functionality in Urbanise Strata so that you can now attach license and insurance documents. We also made it pretty! 😍


User Groups

Sick of the click, click, clickity, click when setting up user groups? Us too. To speed things up a bit we've added bulk actions in the header so you can quickly add or remove all permissions in each column.


General Journal ID's

A "Journal ID" is shown against General Journals, in both the list and transaction details screens.


Provisional Service Charge Invoice

If you're managing properties in Dubai you'll have some new options on the "Provisional Service Charge Invoice" - specifically the ability to calculate the provisional invoice based on a previous invoice, rather than just on the budget. This is especially helpful for Mollak enabled properties.


Bits & Bobs

This release contains a few small improvements that don't warrant fancy screenshots, but are worth a mention.

  • Performance improvements related to multi unit levy receipting, alternative payment references and the "Unit List" screen on large properties

  • Performance improvements related to file handling

  • The number of characters that can be stored in a General Ledger notes field has been increased from 1,000 to 100,000

  • The "Receipt Unknown Payment" function in the General Ledger now works on parent Client ID's


Public Strata API's

We're continuing to expand our set of public API's to empower our clients to do all sorts of interesting things with third party systems. In this release we've added API's for the creation of Tasks, and getting bank data.

  • GET Task Types

  • POST New Task

  • POST Attach a document to a Task

  • GET Banks

  • GET Bank Branches


Bug Fixes

The below bugs were squashed by this release. 🐞

  • PHX-12422: AR Receipts are showing the wrong value in the General Ledger list where the QTY is greater than "1"

  • PHX-12420: "Internal Area" and "Balcony Area" label changes for Dubai properties

  • PHX-12414: Accounts Receivable receipts don't correctly reflect the "Qty"

  • PHX-12390: Tasks file upload service allows file upload with for TaskId

  • PHX-12356: Custom account categories created in a child CID do not appear correctly in the Cost Allocation screen from the parent

  • PHX-12106: Padding misalignment on transactions screens

  • PHX-12096: When a payment receipt is deleted the corresponding pdf file is not deleted

  • PHX-12002: [sso] Intermittent request errors when logged in with Microsoft authentication

  • PHX-11864: "Management Agreement > Disbursements" - When navigating between tabs/breadcrumb the categories failed to load

  • PHX-11843: "Settings > User Groups" - All permissions look like disappeared when we select one

Should you have any questions about this update, please contact our HelpDesk. To download a copy of this update, please click here.

Your Urbanise Strata Team