Urbanise Strata Update (98)

In this version, we introduce Accounts Receivable credit notes, a new payment method for Accounts Payable invoices and extended the length of a field that many of you asked for.

Oh, we also added a bunch of new Public API endpoints and squashed a ton of bugs for good measure 🦄.


Accounts Receivable "Credit Note"

You can now create a "Credit Note" in the Accounts Receivable ledger. When creating an invoice, simply change the "Type" to "Credit Note".


Increased Journal Description Length

Many of you were asking for this one... the "Description" field length has been increased from 20 to 170 characters 🦄.


New "Transfer" Payment Method

We've introduced a new payment method called "Transfer" for accounts payable invoices.

When using this payment method, it will bypass the "Pending Payment" step in Invoice Processing, meaning you wont need to clear a backlog if you're not using bank integrations.

In order to use the new payment method, you must first activate it in the "Invoice Processing" settings screen. It is "off" by default.


Public Strata API's

We just felt we needed some more API's, I mean - why not right?

  • GET all Accounts Receivable invoices for a property, unit or contact

  • GET a specific Accounts Receivable invoice

  • POST a receipt against an Accounts Receivable invoice

  • PUT request to assign an existing tenant record to a new unit

  • PUT request to assign an existing owner record to a new unit


Bug Fixes

The below bugs were squashed by this release.

  • PHX-12154: Each Owner POST request to update or assign an owner to a lot was incorrectly creating a new phone record

  • PHX-12114: AP Accrual endpoint was throwing an exception when there is a budget code match

  • PHX-12083: A tenant couldn't be assigned to the same lot number on a different property

  • PHX-12032: Multiple payments can be created against single accounts receivable invoice via the public API

  • PHX-11929: The ADCB file failed to copy on the file server if there was already one with the same filename

  • PHX-11762: Error not descriptive when supplier data not correct for Mashreq Bank

  • PHX-11686: Debtor Statement supplier search not displaying all suppliers

  • PHX-11662: The "Auto Increase" screen had missing and misplaced icons

  • PHX-11631: The public API for apAccrual POST could create Accrued Expense with Cost Centre that is not for the Property

  • PHX-11612: The "AP Classification" stays pre-filled even when the supplier was removed

  • PHX-11467: HD resolution font changes were not applied to all pop-ups

  • PHX-11440: The public API for GET lots for owner had problematic pagination

  • PHX-6196: Text overlapped the ''check'' sign in supplier table on the Work Orders screen

Should you have any questions about this update, please contact our HelpDesk. To download a copy of this update, please click here.

Your Urbanise Strata Team