Urbanise Strata Update (90)

Today's update includes the ability to delete proposed budgets, a new Holding Accounts category and many more improvements.



Budgets that have not yet been approved (proposed budgets) can now be deleted.

  • When viewing a proposed budget, an option is available to delete the budget.

  • The option to delete a budget will not display for approved budgets.

  • When a proposed budget is deleted, the previous budget (if available) will display.

  • When deleting a proposed budget, a prompt will display as follows:

Deleting a budget cannot be undone, and will not stop levies from being sent if this budget has been approved in the past. Are you sure you want to proceed? Tip: You might also want to consider disabling levies until you add your new budget.

FAQ | How to Delete a Proposed Budget

Holding Accounts

When selecting or editing the category selector of an invoice in the Accounts Payable Ledger or in Invoice Processing, an option is now available to select Holding Accounts in addition to All Categories and Budgeted Categories.

  • The Holding Accounts list will display all active holding accounts.

  • The Cost Centre of the Holding Account is automatically set and cannot be changed manually.

Investment Accounts (Macquarie Bank only)

An option is now available for Investment Accounts with Macquarie Bank to Activate Internal EFT Transfers, which will allow funds to be transferred via an ABA file. When the option is enabled, a new option will be available to Transfer to Investment Account when transacting in the General Ledger.

FAQ | How to Transfer funds to Investment Account (via EFT)

Other Enhancements

Income & Expenditure Statement

When generating the Income and Expenditure Statement, an option is now available to include the previous year's actuals vs the current year's actuals when the budget is included in the report.

Issue Fees

To improve the reliability and performance of issuing fees, this process has been updated to run as a batch service. The status of the batch job will be available in the Batch Jobs screen.

BAS Returns

The import feature in the Prepare screen of BAS Returns has been improved to allow large CSV files to be imported.


Validation has been added to prevent the deletion of the supplier record linked to the management company.

Batch Jobs log

When viewing Batch jobs, the log will now display the most recent log entry first and all entries will be in chronological order.

Accounting Settings

When configuring the Accounting Settings for a property, a new option is available to set up BAS Return Disbursements.

When this is configured, clicking Add a disbursement will display a pop-up to allows the selection of the disbursements for the property.

FAQ | BAS Return Disbursement


  • The user group Urbanise Services will no longer display to general users in Settings > Security > User Groups.

  • The function BAS Returns in the User Groups section has been renamed to Finance - Global Functions - BAS Returns - Transactions to Pay

  • In some instances, the message Issued period cannot be updated displayed when saving a budget. This issue has been resolved.

  • When no budgets have been added for a plan, the Budget screen displayed the current financial year date in the breadcrumb.

  • Financial Notes recorded in Property > Accounting Settings can now be accessed from all branches for agencies configured with parent/child branches.

  • On some screens in Urbanise Strata, no loading indicator was present to advise the user of the load status. This has been resolved, and an appropriate message will indicate the failure to load.

  • Previously, deleting or saving a journal from the Unit Ledger was not rebuilding the ledger in all instances. This has been resolved, and when deleting or savings journal, the Unit Ledger is recalculated and balances are updated.

  • For agencies with parent/child branches, updating the setting Manager not authorised to issue certificates in the Management Agreement in the parent branch did not update the client branch. This issue has been resolved.

  • A minor spelling error was resolved on the Arrears Settings screen when selecting a document.

  • An issue with some Accounts Receivable invoices created by previous managers not being available to view after transferring the property has been resolved.

  • An error loading some large invoices in Step 2 of Invoice processing has been resolved.

  • When viewing the Work Orders screen and changing filters to customise the view, for example setting Manager to All, the Manager filter defaulted to the logged-in Strata Manager when the screen was refreshed. This has been resolved so that all filters remain in place until changed or the session is reset.


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