Urbanise Strata Update (88)

Today's update includes a new look for the Task Details screen and the ability to record Work Order Instructions.


Work Order Instructions

A new field is available to record instructions to be used when raising new work orders. Navigate to Property > Compliance > Work Order Instructions and use the Edit button to add text. Use the Save button to save your changes. To remove an instruction, simply remove the text you no longer wish to display.

FAQ: https://stratasupport.urbanise.com/hc/en-gb/articles/900005151783

Advanced Debt Collection

When setting up Advanced Debt Collection on the Arrears Settings screen, a new option Final Notice Ext is available when setting the Document Type under Arrears Level Setup.

When selecting the new option the Final Notice letter is used, and the statement activity section in the Final Fee Notice will include all transactions for the lot dating back to the last time the lot had no arrears.

Supplier Trading Name

When creating or editing a supplier, a new field is available to add the supplier's Trading Name. The new field is located underneath the Company Name on the Supplier > Details screen.


Changes have been made to the look of the Urbanise Strata taskbar. All functionality remains unchanged.


This update includes a number of changes to Tasks:

  • When loading the details of a task, you will note that the information is displayed differently on the page. The most notable change on this screen is the ability to type comments without having to Edit the task. Simply click in the Comments section to start typing and click the blue arrow to save the comments to the task.

  • For agencies with multiple branches, a new option is available to select a branch when filtering tasks. To filter tasks by branch, navigate to the Calendar and change the Display Mode to List View. select Property to see the new Branches option.

  • The task count on the Strata Manager Dashboard and the Main Dashboard now includes tasks from all branches for the selected user.

Usability Improvements

Property Registers

Improvements were made to ensure all records display correctly when there are more than 2 pages of entries in the Property Register screens.


Management Fees > Auto Increases

A change has been made to ensure all records are saved before a new record can be added.

Invoice Processing

When running Urbanise Strata on some versions of Chrome, opening a .pdf file in Invoice Processing resulted in an error. This issue has been resolved.

Cashflow Chart

When upgrading to the latest version of Chrome (Version 87.0.4280.88) the colours in the Cashflow chart changed to monochrome. This issue has been resolved.