Urbanise Strata Update (87)

Today's update includes the ability to hide unused categories in the Chart of Accounts screen, a new register to record details of common areas within a property and 3 new Live Reports.


Chart of Accounts

When editing a Chart of Accounts category, a new option is available to Hide the account category for all properties or allow the category to be used for specified properties only.

  • Hidden Chart of Accounts categories will not be available in the Category selector throughout the system.

  • The Hide Override function allows the account category to be available for specified properties. The override will affect all sub-categories of the hidden account category.

To view this functionality, navigate to Settings > Financial > Chart of Accounts and edit the category.

FAQ | How to Hide Chart of Account Categories

Property Registers

A new option has been added to Property > Registers to record details of common property spaces.

Below is a list of types of records that can be added:

  1. Car Parking Space

  2. Storage Space

  3. Swimming Pool

  4. Tennis Court

  5. Playground

  6. BBQ

  7. Park

  8. Plant Room

  9. Lobby

  10. Function Room

  11. Kiosk

  12. Seating Area

  13. Signage

  14. Open Area

  15. Other

In addition to general information relating to the common area, Rental Agreement details can be added and a Common Property Rent Invoice can be raised in the Accounts Receivable ledger. A task can also be created for Expiry of common property rental agreement.

FAQ | Registers : Common Property

Live Reports

The following new Live Reports can be accessed via Reports > Live Reports:

  • Debtor Exclusions provides an overview of units excluded from the levy debt collection process for one of the following reasons:

- The unit is on a Payment Plan

- The unit is flagged as 'Do not process arrears for this lot'

- The lot is with a debt collection agency

FAQ | Live Reports : Debtor Exclusions

  • Collection Report displays all General Ledger receipts for Levies and AR payments and includes the following information:

- Date Entered filter

- Entered By filter

- Property Name filter

- Plan No filter

- Manager filter

- Receipt For filter options: All, Levies, Accounts Receivable

- Receipt No

- Cheque/EFT No

- Transaction Date

- Received Date

- Payment Type

- Amount

FAQ | Live Reports : Collection Report

  • Levy Receipts Report displays General Ledger levy receipts and includes the following information:

- Ledger Date

- Received Date

- Presented Date

- Property Name

- Plan No

- Lot

- Unit

- Receipt #

- Cheque/Trans #

- Payment Method

- Cheque Status

- Amount

FAQ | Live Reports : Levy Receipts

Accounts Receivable

A new invoice type, Common Property Rent Invoice, is available in the Accounts Receivable ledger to raise ‘rental invoices’ for Common Property spaces. When creating a Common Property Rent Invoice you will be prompted to select a record from the Common Property Register.

FAQ | Accounts Receivable : Common Property Rent Invoice


A new task has been added: Expiry of common property rental agreement to use with common properties added in the new Property > Common Property Register.

Unit Details

New fields are available in the Unit List screen under the heading Car Details. The following details of cars can be stored against each unit:

  • Make

  • Model

  • Year

  • Colour

  • Registration

Usability Improvements

We're standardised the editing controls used to add, edit and delete rows in some grids in the system. In this update, we've implemented the change in the Property > Management Agreement > Auto Increases screen.

The Save and Cancel icons and the Edit and Delete icon are now to the right of the row.

Management Details

New fields are available in the Management Details screen under the heading Relationship Status:

  • Strength of Relationship

  • Net Promoter Score


When viewing the Main Dashboard and the Strata Manager Dashboard, the My Open Tasks counter now includes all tasks from all branches or the user against each task type.

Work Orders

To minimise the risk of sending emails with oversized attachments, we've improved the functionality of existing Work Orders.

When adding attachments to a Work Order, the size of each file attached will now display in the Location Attachments section and the Email Attachments section.

When saving the Work Order, a prompt will display when the attached files exceed a combined size of 7 MB. Should this occur, please review large attachments and resample the file to ensure the combined size of all attachments do not exceed 7MB.