Urbanise Strata Update (85)

Today's update includes the ability to attach files to an owner record and additional fields for Tenants and Associated Contacts.


Owners - Files

When navigating to an Owners screen, files can now be added using ‘drag’n’drop' functionality.

  • After uploading a file it is visible in the Files popup for the selected Owner

  • Uploaded files can be downloaded by selecting the file from the Files popup.

  • Using the Details link, the file can be deleted or edited. Editable values include Portal Category and viewing permissions.

Process Payments - Files

For security reasons, the following changes have been implemented when processing payments:

  • Previously uploaded ABA and BPAY files can now only be accessed from the Process Payments screen when the File Delivery Method is set to Download in Financial Settings > Payment Files.

  • Files with the following extension types cannot be uploaded in the Process Payments screen:









Bing Integration

The following changes have been implemented in the Bing Activity Log (3rd Party System Settings) to enchance the Bing Integation with Urbanise Strata:

  1. When viewing the Bing Activity Log in 3rd Party System Settings, the original filename sent to Bing now displays as a searchable field. Clicking on the file name opens the file details screen where the file can be viewed or downloaded.

  2. A filter is now available for the Plan Number field.

  3. The username in the Created By field now displays the user's First Name and Last Name. Previously, the user's token ID displayed.

Scheduled Reports

The Regulation 37 Report for NSW is now available to add as a scheduled property report.

Additional fields for Tenants

The number of adults and number of children allowable as part of the tenancy can now be recorded in the Tenant screen in the Lease Details section.

Additional fields for Associated Contacts (MENA region only)

The following new fields can now be recorded for Associated Contacts in the MENA region:

  • Mollak Owner Number

  • TRN

Bank Account Details (MENA region only)

The IBAN can now be recorded in Finance > Property Functions > Bank Accounts for properties in the MENA region.

Usability Improvements


A number of changes were made to improve error reporting and resolve delays in running some reports, including the following reports for large datasets:

  • Management Fees Export

  • Levy Position Statement

  • Service Charge Position Statement (MENA report)

Cost Centres

The following changes have been implemented to improve the functionality around Cost Centres:

  • Cost centres that have been closed are no longer available to be selected when creating new transactions.

  • For historical reporting purposes, previously linked transactions assigned to closed cost centres can be viewed by selecting a closed cost centre

User Profile

To minimise entry errors, email validation has been added when adding a new user to Urbanise Strata.

Property Files

Enhancements were made to improve the load time when viewing the Property File List.


Penalty Journal Reversal

An error when attempting to save the reversal of penalty journals has been resolved.

Section 119 Report (Australian Capital Territory only)

The insurance section of the Section 119 Report included some incorrect values. This issue has been resolved.

Invoice Processing

When viewing the Invoice Processing screen in List View mode, Steps 2,3 and 5 displayed the logged-in manager's invoice only instead of all invoices. This issues has been resolved so that only Step 3 of Invoice Processing applies the manager filter in the List View.

Upcoming Levies

In some instances, the Upcoming Levies screen did not show expected records. This issue has been resolved.

Digital Common Seal

An issue with the Digital Common Seal being saved in Plan Details when a duplicate file name exists has been resolved.