Urbanise Strata Update (84)

Today's update includes two major new features: the ability to download all files linked to a property (a useful feature to provide files to another management company for handover) and improved performance when filtering large volumes of tasks.


Property Files Download This feature allows all files for the selected property to be downloaded when handing over to a new management company.

To use this feature, navigate to "Property > General Information > Files" and click the "Download All" button. You must then read and confirm that you have understood the Terms and Conditions.

  • Select the Download All button at the top right of the screen. When the download process has started an email will be sent to the email address linked to the logged in user.

  • When the files are ready for download an email will be sent to the same email address with a link to the ZIP file. Since the zip file contains all files and folders for the specified property, it may take several minutes for the ZIP file to be downloaded.

  • The Download All button will be disabled for 24 hours after a download has been initiated.

  • That status of the current download will display on the page, as well as the file count and file size. The ZIP file can also be downloaded from this page.

  • The downloaded file will be available for 24 hours, after which you can re-generate the download if needed.

Usability Improvements


  • Changes were made to the improve the load time when filtering large volumes of tasks.

  • When viewing tasks for another branch from a parent CID, the branch CID now displays with the property address to assist in identifying the property.

  • For agencies with parent and child branches, all tasks can now be created and viewed across all branches.

  • When assigning to task to a user who is no longer active in Urbanise Strata, the error message has been replaced with the message: Previous user assigned to the task has been deleted. The task cannot be saved without assigning it to an existing user.

  • For agencies with parent and child branches, search results will no longer display duplicated users across multiple branches; only one instance of each user displays.

Output VAT Report (United Arab Emirates only)

The layout of this report has been enhanced to improve readability.


Invoice Processing

An error that occured when rejecting an invoice in Invoice Processing has been resolved.

Work Orders

When filtering the Work Orders screen by the status of WAITING, the word PROBLEM displayed in the status column header. This issue has been resolved.


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