Urbanise Strata Update (82)

Today's update includes a number of new reports and functional improvements.


Unpaid Accounts Receivable Report

A new Live Report is available to view a list of all outstanding Accounts Receivable invoices. To access the report, navigate to Reports > Live Reports > Unpaid AR.

The results can be filtered onscreen by Property Name, Plan Number, Manager and Invoice Date and can also be exported in CSV format.

For more information on using this report visit Live Reports: Unpaid AR

Section 119 Certificate (Australian Capital Territory only)

The Section 119 Certificate (Unit Title Certificate) supports our customers in the ACT region who are required to issue the certificate as part of a contract of sale of an apartment or unit.

For more information on the Section 119 Certificate visit Section 119 - Unit Title Certificate (ACT Region)

Section 184 Certificate (New South Wales only)

The Section 184 Certificate supports our customers in the NSW region who are required to issue the certificate as part of a contract of sale of an apartment or unit.

For more information on the Section 184 Certificate visit Section 184 Certificate (New South Wales)

Output VAT Report (United Arab Emirates only)

The Output VAT reports supports VAT reporting in the United Arab Emirates.

For more information on the Output VAT Report visit Output VAT Report (Middle East)

User Profile Email Settings

A new section has been addedin the User Profile screen for Email Settings to provide the ability for a user to subscribe to emails. The new options in this release includes the 2 listed below, and a future update will include additional options.

  1. Supplier address book updates

  2. Levy direct debits notifications

New Supplier Notification

When creating a new Supplier in the address book, an email will be sent to:

  1. The supplier where an email address is present during the insert

  2. Users in the CID who are marked to receive supplier update emails in the User profile screen.

The email will contain the following details from the Supplier details address book screen:

  • Company Name

  • ABN

  • GST Registered (yes/no)

  • Street Address

  • Postal Address

  • Email Addresses

  • Phone Numbers

  • Bank Account Details

- Account Name


- Account Number


- BPAY Biller Code

- A future update will include a notification when a Supplier's bank details are modified.

Levy Direct Debit Notifications

When a user's User Profile screen is configured to receive Levy direct debit notifications in Email Settings, an email will be sent to advise that transactions are available to be processed for a particular Client ID.

Debtor Level Date

When setting up Finance Options in the Unit List, a date can now be specified for the start date of the debtor level.

Invoice Processing

When reviewing invoices in the Invoice Processing processing screen, a new column is available to filter the list view by Plan number in steps 2,3,4 and 5.


The following defects were resolved in this release:

[PHX-8203] - When adding a new category to an Accounts Payable invoice, the Budgeted Categories did not display the associated account codes. This has been resolved.

[PHX-8567] - An error when viewing the Bing Activity Log for a custom date range has been resolved.

[PHX-2210] - When viewing the User Groups screen, the table headers were not visible when scroll down. This has been resolved.

[PHX-8511] - When viewing the Interim Levies screen, levies for a period flagged as issued previously had editable Admin Budgeted and Sink Budgeted values. This has now been resolved and the budgeted valules cannot be edited for issued levies.


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