Urbanise Strata Update (79)

Today's update includes a number of new features including:

  • A new module to prepare BAS Return data for all GST registered properties in your portfolio (Australia only for this release)

  • A "Files" screen to locate and view files for a property

  • The system now defaults levy delivery settings when adding a new owner

  • The GST/VAT rate is now automatically populated when doing levy journals

  • Minor change to the address block on the levy and arrears notices to support Australia Post barcoding


BAS Returns

The first version of our BAS Returns module lands just in time for 30 June. This module allows you to prepare all data related to your portfolios BAS submission and exports it in a friendly CSV file. We will continue to enhance this module to allow it to conduct bulk payments for BAS to the ATO in a subsequent release.

Please contact Urbanise Support to activate BAS Returns for Australia. For more information on using this feature visit BAS Returns.

Property "Files" Screen

A new screen in "Property > General Information > Files" allows you to access all files related to a property. It includes filters for date range, user, portal visibility and a powerful search feature.

Tip: Looking for accounts payable invoices for a property for 2020? Search for "Financials/Accounts Payable/2020" to filter the list.

Please visit Property Files Screen for more information on using this feature.

Unit Comms Automatically Set

When adding a new owner to a unit, the system will default the email address (where present) or postal address to be the default delivery method for "Levies" and "Correspondence" on the "Unit Comms" screen.

GST/VAT rate on Levy Journals

When navigating to Finance > Property Ledgers > Unit Ledgers and creating a new Levy Journal or Loss of Discount Jounal, the GST % will be automatically populated for GST registered properties using the GST rate for the region.

Levy/Arrears Notice - Address Block

The yellow background, and border have been removed from the address block on the levy and arrears notices in order to make room for Australia Post barcoding. It was also necessary to move the address block down approximately 4mm to ensure there was sufficient space.

Issues Resolved

  • [PHX-4318] - Fixed an issue that caused incorrect tasks to show when switching between managers on the "Strata Manager Dashboard"

  • [PHX-6098] - Resolved the "JS error" popup when leaving review screen open

  • [PHX-7840] - When trying to save a property with the "Scheme Type" of "Building Management Statement" the system no longer throws an error

  • [PHX-7903] - Fixed the "Multi-Unit Levy Receipt" data disappearing on tab change

  • [PHX-8047] - You can now delete an "ATO BAS Transaction"

  • [PHX-7920] - Method error in Strataware's "tax ledger" no longer shows


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