Urbanise Strata Update (77)

Today's update includes changes to the menu to simplify navigation, a few new reports and a number of defects prioritised by our customers has also been resolved.

New Reports

Other Enhancements

Menu Items

To provide a cleaner experience when using Urbanise Strata, some menu items changes have been made.

  • The Notifications button in the main menu has been removed and will be reinstated when this feature becomes available

  • The Files button has been disabled and will become active when this feature becomes available.

  • The Meetings menu items under Comms have been condensed. The Dashboard menu remains in place to load the meeting management platform.

Accounting Settings

Minor changes made to the property level account settings screen in preparation for the upcoming Tax Returns module.

FAQ | Enhancements to the Accounting Settings Screen

Defects Resolved


In some instances, while viewing the Work Order list, the entries on the screen became jumbled when opening another tab in Urbanise Strata and returning to the Work Order list. This issue has been resolved.


When viewing the details of a transaction in the Management Fee Ledger, the Paid Date previously displayed the year first. This has been resolved and the date now displays in the format dd/mm/yyyy.


The keyboard shortcut to reject invoices (Ctrl+r) in Invoice Processing > Document view now functions corrector.


Incorrect signature in the levy receipt email template.