Urbanise Strata Update (76)

Today's update features the ability to import special levies and further integration of the user profile picture.


Special Levy Import

A new feature has been added to the Special Levies screen to allow a CSV file to be imported by using drag&drop functionality.

The feature allows a special levy to be created for each unit of a property from a file, with a variable description and amount, for example utility fees, where each unit has a different consumption value.

To import a special levies file:

  1. Navigate to the Special Levies screen and select a property.

  2. Select the Import button then click the link to download the template file. The file will be pre-populated with one row for each unit in the property. Important: The downloaded template is specific to each property, since the system will automatically populate the required number of units and other details for the selected property.

  3. Open the downloaded template file and enter the value for each unit in the editable fields (Issue Date, Description, Amount). All other values will be automatically populated when the file is imported.

  4. Save the file and open the Special Levies screen for the relevant property. Select New > Import and browse to the saved template to import the entries from the selected file.

Insurance improvements

The following improvements were implemented on the Insurance Policies screen:


The following field previously saved elsewhere in the Insurance Policies screen, have been moved to a new section named Premium:

  • Amount of Premium (previously saved under Policy Details)

  • Paid Date (previously saved under Policy Details)

  • Base Premium (previously saved under Commission Details)

Queensland only:

In addition, the Premium section includes a new field to record the Building Component for properties in Queensland only. This field is not available for other regions.

FAQ | Enhancements to the Insurance Policies Screen (Queensland)

Commission Details:

To address the legislative requirement in New South Wales to report on insurance commission variances, the following fields have been added to the Commission Details section:

  • Commission Variance

  • Reason for Variance (mandatory selection when there is a calculated variance)

FAQ | Enhancements to the Insurance Policies Screen

User Profile Picture

When a profile picture is added to a user profile, the image will now display in the following areas of the system:

  • Main dashboard

  • Strata manager dashboard

  • Portfolio screen

  • Task screen

FAQ | Adding a Profile Picture to your User Profile