Urbanise Strata Update (75)

Today's update features a new General Ledger report that can be exported in PDF format and improvements to payment processing.


General Ledger Report

To access the new report, navigate to Reports > General Finance > General Ledger and select a property. Use the PDF button to instantly generate the report for the specified cost centre/s and date range.

The General Ledger Report will display transactions and totals grouped as follows:

- Levies Issued

- Lot Ledger Penalties

- Lot Ledger Journals

- Accounts Receivable

- Accounts Payable

- Investment Accounts

- Loan Accounts

- Bank Balance

Each group will display the following details:

- Date

- Received from / Paid to

- Invoice Number

- Reference

- Account

- Fund

- Debit

- Credit

CP Authorities Register

When adding a new entry in the CP Authorities Register, additional options have been added to the Nature of Authority drop-down list. The following options are now available:

  1. By-Law & special resolution (existing)

  2. Special resolution only (existing)

  3. Adjudicator decision (new)

  4. Circular (new)

  5. Committee resolution (new)

  6. Ordinary resolution (new)

  7. Resolution without dissent (new)

  8. Majority (new)

Payment Processing

The current Process Payments screen has been enhanced to honour the client branch to allow EFT, Cheque and BPAY payments from a child CID to be included in the process when loading this screen from a parent CID.

  1. When selecting a payment method from the Process Payments screen, the Confirm Payment button is renamed to Process All. When selected, a background process will upload a file to the SFTP server for all transactions.

  2. An additional option is available to Select Transactions to Process. When selected, a list view will display the following details of available transactions:

- Plan Number

- Reference

- Amount

and the listed transactions can be filtered by:

- Date

- Property Name

- Supplier

When the transactions for processing have been selected, use the Process Selected button to start the background process to upload a file to the SFTP server for the selected transactions.

Westpac NZ Direct Debit - Phase 2

Today's release includes the processing functionality for direct debit payments in New Zealand when banking with Westpac NZ.

Mollak Changes*

  • A change has been made to restrict visibility of all fields in the system relating to Mollak to Dubai users only.

  • An Activity Log screen is now available in the Mollak Settings screen to record the following details:

- Date, sorted newest to oldest with a default date range of last 30 days

- Message ID

- Direction

- Type

- Mollak Status Message

- # Retries

* Mollak is only applicable to the Middle East region.


An issue with the Public Strata API not returning the Use For flag resulted in incorrect notice delivery settings in Meeting Manager. This issue has been resolved.


When modifying the ledger date of a manually created Accounts Payable invoice in the General Ledger, the date reverted to today's date for invoices with a status of EXTERNAL_APPROVAL. This issue has been resolved, and the ledger date is retained when saving transaction in the General Ledger.


When no delivery method has been specified in Financial Settings > Payment Files, an error occurred when generating an ABA or BPAY file from Process Payments screen. This issue has been resolved.


An error when assigning a supplier to a Work Order where no quotes are required has been resolved.


An error loading the PDF created when receipting levies has been resolved.