Urbanise Strata Update (74)

Today's update includes the ability to view details of penalties in the Unit Ledger and enhancements to user profile management.


User Profile Enhancements

  • When a user is a strata manager, a list of all assigned properties will display on the user's profile page, with a link to each property.

  • When editing a user's profile, a profile image can be uploaded. The profile image will be used in future enhancements to the system.

- The image format must be .jpg, J.PG or .PNG

- The image must be square and cannot exceed 2MB

Penalty Details Screen

Penalty and Loss of discount records in the Unit Ledger screen are now clickable links that will display a screen in a new tab with the details of all transactions associated with the selected record. The following details will display in the Penalty Details screen:

  • Issue Date

  • Description

  • Period

  • Fund

  • Grace

Bank Statement

Pagination has been added to the Bank Statement screen to allow scrolling.

VAT Report

A new report has been added to meet VAT reporting requirements in the United Arab Emirates. The new report is accessed from Reports > General Finance.

Issues Resolved

(PHX-7096) When creating a new budget, the Budget for building insurance flag will be deselected by default.


In some instances, ATO Transaction records were not available to be processed in the Process Payments screen. This issue has been resolved.


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