Urbanise Strata Update (71)

Today's update brings enhancements to General Ledger functionality, including the ability to allocate a levy receipt to multiple units. We've also made improvements to existing functionality and resolved some issues prioritised by our users.

General Ledger - Multi-Unit Levy Receipt When an owner of multiple units in the same plan makes a single levy payment, you can now allocate the payment to multiple units in one receipting screen. When the allocations are complete and the transaction is saved, a receipt will be issued against each unit.

Navigate to Finance > Property Ledgers > General Ledger and use New + to create a Multi-Unit Levy Receipt.

  • To assist in allocating the funds against more than one unit, the Multi-Unit Levy Receipt screen displays all the units in the selected property with the following details:

- Lot Liability

- Lot Entitlement

- Levy Balance

- Owner Name

  • To allocate the payment, allocate the correct amount against the relevant units or use the option to automatically populate the amount from the levy balance.

General Ledger - Ledger Date on Invoice Payments

When using the Pay Invoice feature in the General Ledger, a new field is available above the Invoice Date to record the Ledger Date. The Ledger Date will be used against the invoice payment in the ledger.

  • The Ledger Date defaults to today's date when the invoice screen loads

  • If an Account Lock Date has been set, the The Ledger Date cannot be prior to the Account Lock Date

  • The Ledger Date cannot be prior to the Invoice Date

  • The Ledger Date cannot be more than 365 ahead of today's date

General Ledger - Levy Receipt Email

When using the Receipt Levy function from the General Ledger, a receipt will automatically be emailed to each owner configured to receive levies via email. To review communication preferences for each unit owner, navigate to Property > Unit Comms.

  • The email subject will read: Your payment has been received

  • The body of the email will reference the property address, amount, payment date and reference from the levy receipt screen

  • To review sent emails, navigate to Comms > Email History and filter the recipient type to Owner

Notes for Annual Financial Statement

This new feature allows notes to be recorded to display in the specified order in the Notes section of the Annual Financial Statement.

To record financial notes for property, navigate to Finance > Property Functions > Financial Notes.

  • The order entered will determine the order note displays in the list and also the order the note will display on the Annual Financial Statement

  • The Heading and Body text must be provided

  • The order, heading and body may be edited after saving the note

  • Financial Notes display at the end of the report, in the Notes to Financial Statements section of the report

Public Strata API

The Public Strata API has been updated with the following new endpoints to allow:

  • A list of Uninvoiced Disbursements to be retrieved

  • New Uninvoiced Disbursements to be added

  • Levy Receipts to be created

Other Improvements

The following improvements were made to existing functionality:

ABN and ACN Search

We've improved the search function for ABN and ACN searches in the following screens:

  • Supplier Details screen

  • Caretakers Details screen

  • Developer Details screen (inactive)

  • Letting/Estate Agent Details screen (inactive)

  • Mortgagee Details screen

  • Owner Details screen

  • Tenant Details screen

  • Preferred Suppliers screen

  • Invoice Processing > Data Entry

  • Invoice Processing > For Review

  • General Ledger > Pay Invoice

  • Accounts Payable > Accrued Expense

  • Accounts Payable > Invoice

  • Supplier selector pop-up screen

Duplicate Invoice Detection for Direct Debits

When entering invoices paid by Direct Debit in the Invoice Processing > Data Entry screen (Step 2), you will have the opportunity to review possible duplicate entries.

When viewing the previously processed invoice you will have the option to delete the new invoice before processing it, or to return to the invoice screen to continue processing the new invoice.

Select the new Assign PDF to Selected Invoice option on the previously processed duplicate invoice screen. Select YES to delete the new invoice and assign the invoice on screen, and select NO to keep both invoices.

Scheduled Reports posted via Bing

When creating and editing Scheduled Reports and Bing is configured in Third Party Systems, an additional column will be available in the Recipients grid to display the postal address of the selected contact.

Issue Fees

We've improved the response time when issuing fees to resolve unresponsiveness on some environments.

Management Agreement

When navigating to a Management Agreement where no management agreement is found, a blank screen previously displayed. This functionality has improved to allow the user to select a different property from breadcrumb.

Property Ledger > Investment Transfer

The error message when an investment account has insufficient funds has been updated to reflect the reason the transfer cannot be processed.

Management Fee Auto Increases

To ensure the increase dates set in the new CPI Settings screen are applied correctly when calculating nightly management fee auto increases, a change has been made to use [tomorrow's date] when the management fee auto increase method is AWOTE and CPI.

Items Resolved


When typing in the Filter field in the Unit List and Task List, the cursor focus previously shifted away from the filter field while typing. This issue has been resolved.


An issue that allowed Read-Only users to create and edit Task Triggers and Won Plan Reasons has been resolved.


When creating new properties for a child CID in a parent CID, the properties could not be found when searching the parent CID. This issue has been resolved.


An error when navigating to Settings > Financial > EFT & Downloads has been resolved.


In some instances, an API Error occurred when navigating to Property > Unit List. This issue has been resolved.


An issue occurred with Accrue from/to dates set on Accounts Payable invoices not being set correctly when issuing fees. This issue has been resolved.


The Public Strata API returned incorrect or missing manager information in some instances for Plan Details. This issues has ben resolved.


When generating the Suppliers Duplicate Payment Exception Report, records are now correctly sorted by Plan No, Supplier ID, Payment Amount, Invoice Date, Invoice Number > Order by Ascending.


A spelling error on the The Work Order Settings screen in the Email Copy section has been resolved.


When changing an owner's delivery method for Levies and Correspondence to Email in the Unit Comms screen, the delivery method reverted to Post when one of the owner's other email addresses were edited or a new email address was added. This issue has been resolved.


An issue with some system emails not being delivered has been resolved.


An issue with linked sub-tasks not displaying on the parent task has been resolved.


A spelling error on the Fraud Detection Settings screen has been resolved.