Urbanise Strata Update (70)

Today's update introduces more automation to save time and provide transparency across your portfolio. We've also made improvements to existing functionality and resolved some issues prioritised by our users.


Property Ledger - Investment Account Withdrawal Notifications

A new option is available for financial administrators to configure alerts for unmatched withdrawals from investment accounts.

Navigate to Settings > Financial > Fraud Detection Settings to set an amount limit and threshold days, and nominate a manager to receive notifications.

When the option to Monitor investment accounts for fraudulent transactions is selected and the Fraud Detection Settings have been saved, the system will automatically check the General Ledger each night for corresponding credit entries to match withdrawals from the Investment Account that fall within the specified amount limit.

In the example above, an email will be sent to the nominated manager when an investment account withdrawal exceeding $100.00 does not have a corresponding credit entry in the General Ledger after 2 days.

When viewing the User Profile for the nominated user, the Delete button will not be available and an onscreen message will advise that the user cannot be deleted.

  • The email subject will read: A possible fraudulent transaction has been detected

  • The email will reference the property address and withdrawal amount

  • The email will include a link to view the investment account transaction in question

  • To review sent emails, navigate to Comms > Email History and filter the recipient type to Manager

Management Agreement Fees Auto Increases

If your management agreement includes future increases for management fees, you can now configure the increases to become effective automatically at the specified increase date, and view a log of actioned auto increases.

To configure Auto Increases:

  1. Navigate to Property > Management Agreement

  2. Use the breadcrumb to click on Details

  3. Select Auto Increase from the list

  4. Click Add Auto Increase to get started

  5. Set the Increase Date; this will default to today's date

  6. Click into the Type cell to select the fee type (for example: Management Fees)

  7. If applicable, click into the Sub Type cell to select a fee sub type, or leave this field blank if the fee does not have sub types

  8. Click into the Increase Method cell to select the fee increase method

  9. Select the tick icon to the left of the screen to save the auto increase

  10. When viewing previously saved auto increases, use the Edit icon to the left of the screen to see the Delete and Save options

  11. To view a log of actioned auto increases, use the breadcrumb to click on Details and select Auto Increases Log from the list

Here's a 40 second video showing the steps:

Scheduled Disbursements

This new feature allows disbursements to be created and scheduled to occur according the the specified frequency. As with scheduled reports, you can view the logs for scheduled disbursements and disable a scheduled disbursement.

  1. Navigate to Property > Management > Scheduled Disbursements to create a new scheduled disbursement

  2. When you've entered the disbursement details, specify the dates and frequency in the Frequency Details section

  3. Select the Run Now button to trigger automatic scheduling

The system will check for scheduled disbursements daily and automatically add the disbursement to the Uninvoiced Disbursements list

Email Notifications for Scheduled Reports and Disbursements

To avoid Scheduled Report or Scheduled Disbursement being inadvertently disabled, an email will automatically be sent to the assigned strata manager for review when this occurs.

Email Notifications for Deletion of Invoices

A new option is available to automatically advise suppliers when an invoice assigned to them has been deleted.

  • To enable this option, navigate to Settings > Financial > Invoice Processing and select Email suppliers when deleting invoices from Invoice Processing or Accounts Payable

  • When this setting is selected and saved, you can disable the notifications for specific suppliers if required in the Contact Information section of the Supplier Details screen by clicking Do not send an email on deletion of invoices

  • When deleting a supplier invoices, the user will be prompted so supply a reason. The delete reason prompt will display when deleting an invoice from the following screens:

- Invoice Processing: Data Entry

- Invoice Processing: Review

- Accounts Payable Ledger

  • The following delete reasons will trigger an email notification to be sent directly to the supplier:

- Work not Done

- Work is Unsatisfactory

- Plan no Longer Managed

- 3rd Party to Pay

- Other

  • The following delete reasons WILL NOT trigger an email notification to be sent directly to the supplier:

- Source Document is not an Invoice

- Duplicate Invoice

Auto Journals Enhancement

The previously read-only Auto Journals screen has been enhanced to allow the Supplier and Category to be edited.

  • Navigate to Settings > Financial > Auto Journals to view all Auto Journals

  • Click on Bank Statement Reference to load the Auto Journals Details screen

  • In the Auto Journals Details screen, a Supplier can be specified, and the category can be changed in the Category Override section

Accounts Payable Ledger

  • When editing an invoice in the Accounts Payable Ledger, the invoice reference can now be edited

  • The Edit Categories feature will now be available for invoices with a single transaction in the General Ledger that is reconciled or unreconciled

General Ledger

We've improved the layout of the list showing existing Accounts Payable entries when using Pay Invoice and Receipt AP Refund in the General Ledger.

Public Strata API

A new endpoint has been added for use by the Mollak project to create owners and assigning the contacts to units.


Items Resolved

Unit Comms

  • (PHX-6666) When viewing the Unit Comms screen, names are now formatted correctly for all contact types

  • (PHX-6667)) Letting Agent and Mortgagee names now display in the Unit Comms screen

  • (PHX-6708) After adding a Mortgagee and Tenant to a unit, the Letting Agent no longer displayed in the Unit Comms screen and the Unit List. This issue has been resolved.

Invoice Processing

  • (PHX-1989) When entering invoices in the Data Entry screen (Step 2) unnecessary API requests were sent during data entry, which could slow down processing time. This issue has been resolved.

  • (PHX-6016) When reviewing invoices in the Manager Review screen (Step 3) changing the manager filter in the List View now correctly applies the manager filter when changing other filters on the screen.

  • (PHX-6150) When changing the manager filter in the Manager Review List View screen (Step 3) the filter is now correctly applied when returning to the List View until the filter is changed or the session ends.

  • [PHX-6694] When returning to the List View screen (Step 3) after changing some filters and then viewing the Invoice Processing Dashboard, the List View was not refreshed correctly based on the previous filters. This issue has been resolved, and the filters will be applied until changed or the session ends.

Other Improvements

  • My Commissions (PHX-5947) When a user views their commissions in their User Profile screen, the commission amount did not display in full. This issue has been resolved.

  • Disbursement Group Filter (PHX-6336) When viewing the Disbursement list in Property > Management Agreement, clicking on All under Group, not all groups were available to be searched in the filter. This issue has been resolved.

  • Budget Period & Dates (PHX-6732) An issue with budget period and dates preventing changes due to multiple levies being issued has been resolved.

  • Issuing Fees (PHX-6677) When issuing fees from Finance > Management Fees and the management agreement expiry date was in the past, uninvoiced disbursements were not created correctly. This issue has been resolved.

  • Fire Certificate Compliance (PHX-6378) Compliance - Building: Fire Safety tasks are now triggered correctly

  • Investment Account Task Triggers (PHX-6379) Financials: Investment Account Maturing tasks are now triggered correctly

  • Receipt AP Refund Notes (PHX-6497) Notes added in General Ledger and Accounts Payable Invoice Details now display correctly when viewing the invoice