Urbanise Strata Update (67)

Today's update includes some awesome new Invoice Processing features, the ability to chat with our support team from within the app and more!

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In this section you’ll find details of new features we’ve added to the platform that we think you will find interesting.

Invoice Processing

Invoice Processing had a number of new features added again, making this already very powerful module even more flexible. Changes include:

  1. The ability to configure a ‘whitelist’ of suppliers and, or ‘account codes’ which will by-pass committee approval. Excellent for utility bills and management fees.

  2. An additional option to ‘override’ a committee approval from the manager review stage. Very handy for ‘over the phone’ approvals from committee members.

  3. Where a committee member rejects an invoice (either in the mobile app, or MyCommunity) they need to select a reason for the rejection. This reason is now visible from within Urbanise Strata on the manager review step.


You can now chat with our support team directly in the application. Click the “Chat” button at the bottom right – give it a try. 🙂


  1. Invoice Processing: The “Bank Balance” data in the property control now shows the admin and sinking fund split of the ‘available funds’.

  2. Levies: The ‘due date’ for a levy period can now be manually specified in the “Interim Levies” screen.


In this section you’ll find details of things we’ve fixed, or even small tweaks that weren’t big enough to be considered in the above “improvements” section.

  1. [PHX-2502] – General: Reloading the ‘Process Payment’ page opens the dashboard

  2. [PHX-3093] – Tenant: No validation is carried out on tenancy ‘Date of Termination’ field such that it can actually be earlier than the ‘Tenancy Start Date’

  3. [PHX-4502] – General: List screens request page X instead of page 1 upon refresh

  4. [PHX-5516] – Batch Jobs: Remove “for Plan No. <>” from the batch job & report name for global reports sent to batch

  5. [PHX-5839] – Tasks: Task in 1888 also appears in 1889 – only 1 record in database – unable to update either

  6. [PHX-5923] – Disbursements: Not filtering correctly

  7. [PHX-5949] – Additional Charges Commission: Page error after manually generating csv on filtered screen then changing the Filter

  8. [PHX-5983] – DebtCol Activity Log: Filter by “Property Name” is not working

  9. [PHX-6037] – Supplier > Compliance: Other Insurance – Description should be 100 varchar

  10. [PHX-6097] – Additional Charges: Error message when click on ‘’Submit to the Invoice Processing’’

  11. [PHX-6126] – Settings > Additional Charges Type: Overlapped text when use Delete

  12. [PHX-6177] – Physical Lot Address: API – Typo error ‘plotPhysicalCountry’ instead of ‘lotPhysicalCountry’

  13. [PHX-6218] – ACT Region: Funds missing in unit ledger journals

  14. [PHX-4852] – Reports > Accounts Payable Transaction List: Spelling corrections when sorting by “Account Categories and Funds”

  15. [PHX-6060] – Budget: Category missing prev. years actuals

  16. [PHX-6296] – Invoice Processing > For Review: Show custom text message to user when “whitelist rule” has been applied

  17. [PHX-4322] – Approval Setup: Corrections to spelling and labels on Approval Setup screen

  18. [PHX-6254] – Accounts Receivable: “accountsreceivableclientline” records not recording correctly when generated from Phoenix

  19. [PHX-6178] – Management Fee Invoice: Does not show all items from Uninvoiced Disbursements

  20. [PHX-6251] – Additional Charges: Categories in Additional Charges are mixed up after multiple edits then refresh

  21. [PHX-6320] – DebtCol: Cannot change the status from Open to Agency Demand and add comment at the same time

  22. [PHX-6429] – DebtCol: Tasks linked in parent/child relationship are failing to save changes during lambda processing

Update by Leslie Leahy

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