Urbanise Strata Update (66)

Todays update includes important changes to invoice processing, committee approvals, levies and various fixes.

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In this section you’ll find details of new features we’ve added to the platform that we think you will find interesting.

Invoice Processing

You can now “override” external approvals for invoices from step 4 of Invoice Processing.

The “Payment Approval Form” (“PAF”) can also be generated from step 3 in Invoice Processing. This is specifically relevant for our users in the Middle East.

Committee Approvals

Two enhancements were made to the committee approval functions:

  1. The ability for a committee member to ‘opt out’ of receiving email notifications to approve invoices and;

  2. An option to specify a committee member as being a ‘mandatory’ approver (ie: regardless of the rules, that member must approve the invoice)

These options can be configured in the “Approval Setup” screen.

Custom Levy Due Date

You can now specify a due date other than the start of the period on the “Interim Levies” screen. When set, the automatic levy system will issue the levies to ensure the correct due date is honoured.

Physical Lot Address

On the “Unit Details” screen, you now have the option to record a “Physical Lot Address” – this is especially useful for neighbourhood schemes and gated estates.


  1. Work Orders: Once a job has been assigned to a supplier, the ‘cancel job’ icons are no longer visible (however you can still cancel the work order itself)

  2. Tasks: An option has been added to email someone when they are assigned a task, we also cleaned up the UI slightly


In this section you’ll find details of things we’ve fixed, or even small tweaks that weren’t big enough to be considered in the above “improvements” section.

  1. [PHX-483] – Suppliers: Supplier bank details do not turn red indicating mandatory fields when ‘Payment by EFT’ is checked.

  2. [PHX-2806] – System Settings: Company Details > Contact Details > Insurance – No validation of date details when entering Insurance details, so possible to enter ‘To’ date earlier than ‘Period of Insurance From’ date

  3. [PHX-4308] – Tasks: Chrome crashes when entering task description (Aw snap)

  4. [PHX-4573] – Accounts Payable: It is possible to update details of paid Accounts Payable invoices

  5. [PHX-5426] – Tasks: Typing quickly in the tasks details screen causes characters to appear with delay and sometimes even a browser crash

  6. [PHX-5637] – Additional Charge Commissions: Cannot approve commission assigned to another user but logged one is the manager of the property

  7. [PHX-5760] – Settings: When Dual Authorisation is enabled for a CID, cannot save changes for the default supplier

  8. [PHX-5795] – Reports: Aged Levy Statement: ‘Sort by’ has no default FE option selected and wrong default value sent

  9. [PHX-5884] – Security: Check boxes on screens do not follows the access level , With Read only access user can tick/untick checkboxes

  10. [PHX-5887] – General: Some screens with category column are truncated when a category with long description is added

  11. [PHX-5902] – Invoice Processing: Duplication of GL Transactions via Invoice Approvals

  12. [PHX-5908] – Additional Charge Commissions: Filter deleted users out of the commission calculation queries

  13. [PHX-5925] – Additional Charge Commissions: Column “Manager” should be “User” on List Screen

  14. [PHX-5940] – service at [/api/core/client/801/disbursements/serviceClients/list] returns duplicate entries

  15. [PHX-5961] – Additional Charges: No Grand Total (sum of Disbursement and Services) on Additional Charges Invoice PDF

  16. [PHX-5962] – Additional Charges: GST and Rate on Categories are not included on IP, AP and GL for Additional Charges if the Supplier is registered for GST

  17. [PHX-5965] – Cost Centres: Unable to save changes to a cost centre applicable to selected lots

  18. [PHX-5984] – Unit Details: Exception on updating lot data where directDebitInfo is null

  19. [PHX-6012] – Invoice Processing: Strata managers cannot filter for ‘All’ managers in Invoice Processing

  20. [PHX-6014] – Invoice Processing: Strata managers cannot access the details of invoices assigned to other managers

  21. [PHX-6015] – Work Orders: When supplier has many license the warning message is not properly displayed.

  22. [PHX-6016] – Invoice Processing: When filter by manager and change the list view the filter is not reapplied to the other list view

  23. [PHX-6032] – Invoice Processing: Wrong “available funds” check during ProcessExternalApproval lambda, causes invoices not being paid

  24. [PHX-6040] – Invoice Processing: ‘ProcessExternallyHandledInvoice’ fails with 401 when trying to process BPAY payments

  25. [PHX-6218] – ACT Region: Funds missing in unit ledger journals

Update by Leslie Leahy

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