Urbanise Strata Update (65)

Todays update includes supplier validation when creating work orders, important changes to invoice processing various other minor changes.

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In this section you’ll find details of new features we’ve added to the platform that we think you will find interesting.

Work Order Supplier Validation

You can now specify various levels of validation on a suppliers insurance and licenses when creating work orders. Choose from three levels of validation:

  1. Ignore it and issue work orders regardless of license or insurance status

  2. Provide a warning to the user where insurance or licenses have expired

  3. Prevent work order creation where insurance or licenses have expired

Specify the level of validation you want to enforce in the work orders settings screen.

To support this change, the insurance and license information for a supplier has been moved to its own section in the address book. This allows you to allow only specific users to access that sensitive information.

Invoice Processing

Previously, when viewing the “Manager Review” step as a ‘manager user’, you were restricted to seeing invoices for your own properties. Now you are able to filter of other manager portfolios. As part of this change, we’ve also changed the way filters work – when set in ‘list view’, they are now remembered in the document view. This allows you to process all invoices on a specific property – for example.


In this section you’ll find details of improvements we’ve made to existing parts of the system. These are usually smaller changes than those listed in the above ‘features’ section (however some of them might be very useful).

Debt Collection Flag

Where a unit is flagged as being with a debt collector, an icon now shows against their unit in the “Unit List” screen.

Committee Members

When adding a committee member you now have the option to auto-fill the contact details from the owners record.

Master CID

The following screens have been enhanced to support master CID’s”

  1. Approval Setup

  2. Account Management

  3. Upcoming Levies

  4. Upcoming Arrears

  5. Budgets

The “Master CID” function allows you to have more than one Urbanise Strata “Client ID” (“CID”) that can be connected in a hierarchy. This is useful for business that have multiple offices, or central processing facilities. What does “Master CID” mean?

Other Improvements

  1. Work Orders: When using a multi CID environment work orders will now only display for the CID you’re currently viewing

  2. Task Triggers: Legacy triggers that are not related to Urbanise Strata have been hidden

  3. Tasks: An icon has been added against sub-tasks to allow easy removal from parent tasks

  4. General: The “WalkMe” help feature was reactivated

  5. Cost Centres: You can now edit the details of a cost centre until such time as a transaction is recorded against it in the General Ledger

  6. Reports: A new global report for units on a payment plan

  7. Reports: Minor changes to the global “Aged Debtors – Levies” report

  8. Reports: Minor changes to the property level “Aged Debtors” report

  9. Reports: Minor changes to the property level “Aged Levy Statement” report

  10. Settings: A new option on the Invoice Processing settings screen to allow overriding external approvals (prep for the next release)


In this section you’ll find details of things we’ve fixed, or even small tweaks that weren’t big enough to be considered in the above “improvements” section.

  1. [PHX-5967] – Historical Levies: NPE when opening historical levies on some properties

  2. [PHX-5958] – Suppliers: Editing in the compliance page duplicates the phone number and associated contacts in the details

  3. [PHX-5908] – Additional Charges: Filter deleted users out of the commission calculation queries

  4. [PHX-5804] – Reports: Proposed Annual Budget – When Percentage Variance is ticked, Report displays Variance Amount; when Variance Amount is ticked, report displays Percentage Variance

  5. [PHX-5795] – Reports: Aged Levy Statement – ‘Sort by’ has no default FE option selected and wrong default value sent

  6. [PHX-5492] – Issue Fees: All Uninvoiced Disbursements are issued as “Strata Manager > disbursements”

  7. [PHX-5057] – Issue Fees: Semi-random Invoice Date and the Due Date of Accounts Payable invoices created by issuing fees

  8. [PHX-5025] – Management Details: Unable to set a manager with manager since date before the date the property record was created

  9. [PHX-4573] – Accounts Payable: It is possible to update details of paid Accounts Payable invoices

  10. [PHX-4420] – FTP Settings: Not possible to set to “DOWNLOAD” initially (when setting is missing in DB at all)

  11. [PHX-2129] – Security Deposit: NPE when 1st created transaction in Security Deposit is ‘Transfer Out’

Update by Leslie Leahy

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