Urbanise Strata Update (62)

Todays update includes enhancements to Work Orders, new DebtCol features, additional levy payment methods and various other improvements and fixes.

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In this section you’ll find details of new features we’ve added to the platform that we think you will find interesting.

Work Orders

Two new features were added to Work Orders in this release, both related to cancellations of work.

Cancelling a Quotable Work Order

You can now cancel an entire quotable work order (and all of its sub-jobs) with a single “Cancel Work Order” link. When clicking this link all suppliers who you requested quotes from are notified that the work order has been cancelled. [PHX-4068]

Removing a single supplier from a quote request

Where you have a quotable work order with multiple suppliers, you can now remove a single supplier from the quote request without having to cancel the whole work order. [PHX-4069]


The DebtCol implementation now supports charging a disbursement fee at the point of the API triggering to create a case. It also allows you to pass that fee to the unit in question by way of an automatic journal. This feature has a settings screen to allow you to configure the journal text and disbursement used. [PHX-5345][PHX-5436]

New Levy Payment Methods

We now provide support for customers in Australia that are not using Macquarie Bank and wish to have dedicated BPay support for their properties. A “BPay Biller Code” can be configured for each property, and a “BPay CRN” for each unit. [PHX-5006]

Additional Charges: Commissions

Continuing on on the Additional Charges module, the “Commissions” component allows you to specify which services a user will be paid commission on, and at what rate. This release includes the following parts of this component:

  1. Nightly commission calculation [PHX-4971]

  2. Commission list screen [PHX-4976]

  3. Commission settings screen [PHX-4972]


In this section you’ll find details of improvements we’ve made to existing parts of the system. These are usually smaller changes than those listed in the above ‘features’ section (however some of them might be very useful).

Master CID

Two more screens were enhanced to support the Master CID configuration, these are:

  1. Insurance Policies [PHX-4604]

  2. Levy Settings [PHX-4605]

Company Supplier

When we create your Urbanise Client ID a Supplier is created for your management company, this suppliers details are linked to the information on the “Contact Details” settings screen. You can now click on your company name in that screen to take you directly to your supplier record. [PHX-5307]

Other Improvements

  1. [PHX-5417] – Public Strata API: Enhance API to include “lotArrearsBalance” in the return-set

  2. [PHX-5512] – Batch Jobs: Add a refresh button to the Batch popup

  3. [PHX-5518] – Additional Charges: Change “Invoice Date” label & make read only

  4. [PHX-5520] – Reports: Income & Expenditure Statement – Modifications for a specific customers requirements


In this section you’ll find details of things we’ve fixed, or even small tweaks that weren’t big enough to be considered in the above “improvements” section.

  1. [PHX-1488] – Tasks: Unable to delete a task after changing the creator’s name

  2. [PHX-3045] – Tasks: the value stored inside notification.createdby is not correct

  3. [PHX-5478] – Tasks: Unable to delete a task that that has additional charge linked (but no error warning/message is shown)

  4. [PHX-1995] – General: Unable to create won plan reason with the same name as deleted ones

  5. [PHX-2807] – General: No validation of dates when entering Direct Debit details, so possible to enter ‘End Date’ earlier than ‘Start Date’

  6. [PHX-4410] – General: When edit newly created user general error is thrown

  7. [PHX-5474] – General: Blank spot in CID selector with Chrome Version 76.0.3809.100 (Official Build) (64-bit)

  8. [PHX-3789] – Reports: Proposed Annual Budget – Percentage Variance and Variance Amount from previous year are not included in report

  9. [PHX-4894] – Email History: Front end converts date-time from server to user’s local time, thus, some emails seem to be excluded

  10. [PHX-5514] – Master CID: Unable to edit plan details of child properties from the master CID

  11. [PHX-5515] – Additional Charges: It is possible to save service without description

  12. [PHX-5525] – Additional Charges: User is not defaulted to the User logged in

  13. [PHX-5513] – Additional Charges: When create charge with lots of categories not all of them were pushed to IP

  14. [PHX-5519] – Special Levies: Hide incorrect ‘Fund’ type in FE based on Cost Centre setup – If CC is ‘Admin’ only, hide ‘Sink’ vice versa

  15. [PHX-5526] – DebtCol: Debt Amount sent to DebtCol is incorrect – Future due levy amount is also included in escalated debt amount

  16. [PHX-5623] – Work Orders: Changing from details to list view tabs, blanks the Details one

  17. [PHX-5528] – Strataware: Multi OC > Lot Contacts > Delivery methods sync problems

  18. [PHX-5627] – Strataware: Tenants created without email address and prompt appears to send MyCommunity welcome email

  19. [PHX-5735] – FTF: “Does not have an Active non-Macquarie Bank Investment Account” failing

  20. [PHX-5736] – FTF: The “FYE” date inserted in tasks is incorrect

  21. [PHX-5737] – FTF: Label on settings screen is incorrect

Update by Leslie Leahy

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