Urbanise Strata Update (61)

Todays update includes the final version of the new “Additional Charges” module, as well as a new levy payment option for non-Macquarie Bank accounts in Australia. We’ve also made some enhancements to the Public Strata API.

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Note that throughout the release notes you’ll see labels formatted as [PHX-0000], these are for our own internal reference and link to our development tools. Feel free to ignore them. 🙂


  1. [PHX-4715] – Additional Charges: Finalisation of the new module that allows a user to build an invoice over time, from the management company to a property for additional services and disbursements outside of the management agreement system (note this item was included in the release notes for v60 as well, we are including it again as it has undergone some polishing in this release)

  2. [PHX-4746] – Public Strata API: A new endpoint added to the API to save invoice PDF – this is in preparation for the full automated ‘Quick AP’ solution

  3. [PHX-4947] – Levies: A new levy payment option for “BPay & Bank Transfer” has been added for properties in Australia that do not use Macquarie Bank. This is to support scenarios where each building has its own BPay biller code


  1. [PHX-5536] – Fast Track Financials: The “Audit” task is now assigned to the user defined in the settings screen instead of the strata manager

  2. [PHX-4579] – Search: The cursor goes at the end of the text when editing text input

  3. [PHX-4623] – Master CID: Enhance “Scheduled Reports” to support “clientbranch”

  4. [PHX-5035] – Public Strata API: Extend bankAccount call with BPay Billercode, this supports the new levies feature mentioned above

  5. [PHX-5041] – Company Details: System generated supplier record is not updated when some “Company Details” fields are changed

  6. [PHX-5249] – Alfresco: Batch reports pushed to Alfresco

  7. [PHX-5281] – Alfresco: Additional documents to push to Alfresco

  8. [PHX-5291] – Additional Charges: Recording of changes for Additional Charges ‘types’

  9. [PHX-5385] – Tasks: Should not be possible to close a task assigned to Additional Charge with status different from Paid.

  10. [PHX-5481] – Reports: Income & Expenditure Statement – ‘Levies – normal’ budget figures are not reported on Cost Centre I&E when Cost Centre budget has no categories


  1. [PHX-4954] – Budgets: Blank budget categories are created and returned in Invoice category selection

  2. [PHX-5402] – Fast Track Financials: Created by field is blank in Tasks

  3. [PHX-5456] – Alfresco: Some documents cannot be pushed to Alfresco on the Master CID

  4. [PHX-5461] – Additional Charges: Searching additional charges by invoice number does not return charges in OPEN status

  5. [PHX-4814] – General Journals: Budget – Previous years ‘Actuals’ in the budget are not taking into account balance journals

  6. [PHX-4824] – Reports: Insurance Report – Footer text overlaps

  7. [PHX-5205] – Alfresco: Date format of documents directly uploaded to MyCommunity vs. document uploaded in Urbanise Strata and pushed to Alfresco is different

Update by Leslie Leahy

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