Urbanise Strata Update (60)

Todays update includes new features for Additional Charges as well as a large number of improvements and fixes.

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Note that throughout the release notes you’ll see labels formatted as [PHX-0000], these are for our own internal reference and link to our development tools. Feel free to ignore them. 🙂


  1. [PHX-4714] – New Screen: Additional Charges – List

  2. [PHX-4715] – New Screen: Additional Charges – details


  1. [PHX-3406] – Management Fees: Create Management Fee invoice PDF’s

  2. [PHX-4444] – Fast Track: DB Queries for monthly processes

  3. [PHX-5383] – Fast Track: Modify the “Accounts Receivable” check

  4. [PHX-5384] – Fast Track: Update the criteria labels for Basic and Basic+

  5. [PHX-4595] – General: Supplier search control unification

  6. [PHX-4600] – Master CID: “Accounts Receivable Ledger” to honour clientbranch

  7. [PHX-4624] – Master CID: Enhance “Accounting Settings” to honour ‘clientbranch’

  8. [PHX-4626] – Master CID: Enhance the “Bank Account” screen to honour ‘clientbranch’

  9. [PHX-4713] – Tasks: Add a link for “Additional Charge” to the task screen

  10. [PHX-5128] – General: ATO Transaction – Details & Supplier

  11. [PHX-5170] – General: Add a “region” column to the VIC.stratawarecontractors table

  12. [PHX-4750] – General: API to save and allocate PDF invoice

  13. [PHX-5280] – Alfresco: Change access level terminology to match Alfresco

  14. [PHX-5355] – Additional Charges: Increase of ‘Invoice number’ in AP from 20 to 80 characters

  15. [PHX-5411] – Additional Charges: Setting the status of an ‘additional charge’ to “Submitted” from “Paid”

  16. [PHX-5298] – MyCommunity: Change the “Reject” reason behaviour

  17. [PHX-4814] – Budgets: Previous years ‘Actuals’ in the budget are not taking into account balance journals


  1. [PHX-3234] – Unit Ledger: New Levy/Penalty/Loss of Discount Journal > New entries aren’t saved when Save button clicked but are inserted into ledger (multiple times if clicked). API timeout.

  2. [PHX-4613] – Reports: Plan & Lots – Owners Corporation Certificate

  3. [PHX-4764] – Work Orders: Search by description of a work order NOT on the list, loaded on the screen – doesn’t return the records

  4. [PHX-4768] – Approval Setup: Approver remains in database when Committee Member is deleted

  5. [PHX-4857] – Invoice Processing: For Allocation – After an Invoice is put On Hold or Deleted is still present in the list views

  6. [PHX-4920] – Chart of Accounts: Unable to set “Category Override” and “Prefix Override” when “Code Number” is null

  7. [PHX-4964] – Budgets: Adding new year budget doesn’t create new year budgetperiodamounts or levyperiodamounts

  8. [PHX-5231] – Issue Fees: Management Fee invoices (AP invoices) are still status=3 and are available to pay in Manager Review

  9. [PHX-5236] – Invoice Processing: Dashboard – Drop area is not highlighted during file upload

  10. [PHX-5317] – Files: File size upload restriction is not applied on files upload on Process Payment

  11. [PHX-5349] – Additional Charges: Disable buttons while submitting Additional charge to Invoice Processing

  12. [PHX-5397] – Additional Charges: Preview > Supplier ACN is populated instead of the ABN.

  13. [PHX-5412] – Additional Charges: Preview > Zero is displayed under time for disbursements

  14. [PHX-5421] – Additional Charges: Old version of the Invoice file is sent to Invoice Processing

  15. [PHX-5442] – Additional Charges: When update additional charge with adding new disbursement if there is a service it is not returned

  16. [PHX-3421] – SW3: Malaysia: Unidentified Payment – Incorrect/Broken Revenue category

  17. [PHX-4609] – SW3: Global Reports – Aged Creditors: FYE and ME accruals are being reported

  18. [PHX-4610] – Dashboard: Overdue Invoices – Widget is including current and future ‘FYE-ME Accruals’

  19. [PHX-4612] – MyCommunity: Duplicate invoices displayed in Pending Approval list

  20. [PHX-5364] – General: Select contractor pop-up shows only the first 20 results from the search

Update by Leslie Leahy

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