Urbanise Strata Update (59)

Todays update includes new features in Invoice Processing, a new report and a number of fixes.

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Note that throughout the release notes you’ll see labels formatted as [PHX-0000], these are for our own internal reference and link to our development tools. Feel free to ignore them. 🙂


  1. Invoice Processing: Account codes are now automatically populated (where possible) with the last used values for a property & supplier [PHX-4950]

  2. Reports: The “BAS Report” can now be generated from “Reports > General Finance” [PHX-5093]

  3. About: A new “About” screen was added to the user menu (See if you can find the ‘easter egg’ on this screen!) [PHX-5302]

  4. User Profile: Additional fields have been added for “Commission” rates to support the upcoming “Additional Charges” module [PHX-4970]


  1. Alfresco: Document extension becomes part of the filename [PHX-5245]

  2. DebtCol: Add “AddressType:2” to the “Case” API call [PHX-5255]

  3. General: Unify “From” and “To” date pickers layout on report screens [PHX-5257]

  4. MENA: Minor changes to templates for Service Charges, Receipts, Accounts Receivable invoices & Accounts Receivable credit notes to support VAT [PHX-5254]

  5. MENA: Default ‘country code’ to “United Arab Emirates” for phone numbers [PHX-4832]

  6. User Groups: Assign appropriate names to items in the “User Groups” screen [PHX-4719]


  1. MyCommunity: Owner’s access is elevated to Committee level when the lot has a ‘Committee’ member with portal access [PHX-4789]

  2. Tasks: Reassigning Task from Deleted User to Another User results in Integration error [PHX-4783]

  3. Invoice Processing: Allocation List View doesn’t refresh after allocating an invoice [PHX-4785]

  4. Levies: Special Levies – ‘Hold’ checkbox in list view returns “Field error in object ‘specialLevyFilterDto’ on field ‘costCentre’.” error [PHX-5060]

  5. Holding Account: Receipt Holding/Refund Holding – GL amount is inverted after editing and saving Holding account transactions [PHX-5172]

  6. General: GET /properties/list/bulk – returns ‘managerFirstName’ and ‘managerLastName’ when there is no manager assigned to the property [PHX-5202]

  7. Files: Drop area is not highlighted during file upload [PHX-5233]

  8. Files: File size upload restriction is not applied on files upload on tasks, Invoice processing [PHX-5235]

  9. Committee Members: Re-adding some old committee members (notcurrent=true) returns ‘No value present’ error – unable to save. [PHX-5238]

  10. Alfresco: Wrong date passed to Alfresco during document push [PHX-5244]

  11. FTF: Cannot assign a person in FTF Settings>Task Assignment [PHX-5239]

  12. FTF: The “Has Assigned Auditor” criteria is incorrectly triggering [PHX-5256]

  13. FTF: Criteria list for Complex & Basic is not presented clearly [PHX-5261]

  14. FTF: FYE Date format is incorrect :YYYY-MM-DD instead of DD/MM/YYYY [PHX-5262]

  15. FTF: Search/Filter by Manager’s Full Name not working [PHX-5263]

  16. FTF: The details pop-up needs a scrollbar [PHX-4958]

  17. Plan Details: Auditor/Legal Agent cannot be removed [PHX-5299]

  18. DebtCol: Case API not working where an email has no ‘usefor’ value [PHX-5308]

Update by Leslie Leahy

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