Urbanise Strata Update (58)

Todays update introduces a new screen to configure settings for Strata Vote, as well as a new feature called “Fast Track Financials”. As always, a number of fixes are included in this update.

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Note that throughout the release notes you’ll see labels formatted as [PHX-0000], these are for our own internal reference and link to our development tools. Feel free to ignore them. 🙂


  1. Strata Vote: Settings > 3rd Party Systems > Strata Vote [PHX-4962]

  2. Fast Track Financials: New feature to automatically generate financial statements a the end of a properties financial year [PHX-4442]


  1. DebtCol: Case API – fillings some gaps [PHX-4829]

  2. DebtCol: Case API- send phone numbers with type 3 [PHX-5199]

  3. Implement consistent infrastructure for showing modals in FE [PHX-4015]

  4. Accounts Payable: On void AP invoice set “VIC”.authorisation.removed=true to remove from Invoice Approvals in MyComm [PHX-4257]


  1. Alfresco: When create property with space at the end of the name the push to Alfresco fails. [PHX-4926]

  2. Alfresco: Levy Notices for some Lots are not filed to Alfresco. [PHX-5096]

  3. Committee: Deleting Associated contact causes “ERROR: duplicate key value violates unique constraint”. [PHX-4616]

  4. Committee: Deleting 1 of multiple ‘Committee’ associated contacts removes existing Committee Member. [PHX-4854]

  5. DebtCol: Client call fails where a phone number isn’t present for a manager. [PHX-5147]

  6. General Ledger: Manual Reconciliation – Enabling REC for transaction with negative amount changes it to positive. [PHX-2696]

  7. Invoice Processing: For Allocation – When change from List to Detail view in new tab next invoice is opened. [PHX-4902]

  8. Preferred Suppliers: Count won’t increment in report header. [PHX-1209]

  9. Process Payments: Cheque – Payee ‘Company’ and ‘Address’ missing from cheque payment advice. [PHX-4574]

  10. Tasks: Change “Insurance” task Type from “GENERAL” to “INSURANCE_POLICIES”. [PHX-5069]

  11. Tasks: Insurance Renewal – Task created has incomplete details and status is automatically closed. [PHX-5071]

  12. Tasks: Insurance tasks appear to be triggered at 30 days before to date instead of 6 weeks before. [PHX-3625]

  13. Upcoming Levies: Special Levies prepared with Issue Date 1 day in the future appear as ‘Electricity’ levies in Upcoming Levies screen. [PHX-4300]

Update by Leslie Leahy

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