Urbanise Strata Update (56.4)

Todays update introduces a number of minor improvements to certificates, work orders, process payments and more. We’ve also made a few improvements to a number of integrations.

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Note that throughout the release notes you’ll see labels formatted as [PHX-0000], these are for our own internal reference and link to our development tools. Feel free to ignore them. 🙂


Todays update introduces additional functionality for two integrations.

  1. DebtCol: The “casePayment” API endpoint was implemented, along with its trigger on levy receipts. [PHX-3608] [PHX-4631]

  2. Alfresco: The “Property Push” function was implemented along with the underlying integration infrastructure for Alfresco. [PHX-4302]

Other Improvements

  1. Work Orders: Introduced the ability to search on a Work Order “number”. [PHX-3272]

  2. Owners Corporation Certificate: Updated wording, including references to sections of the act for compliance. [PHX-4627] [PHX-4290]

  3. Owners Corporation Certificate: Improved sections 13 and 14 on the certificate so that it automatically pulls information from the “Notices or Orders” register. [PHX-4043]

  4. Owners Corporation Certificate: Minor update to the address field on the certificate to avoid truncating long addresses. [PHX-4310]

  5. Process Payments: Finalised ability to send ABA and BPAY files to an FTP or SFTP server from the Process Payments screen. [PHX-4774] [PHX-4549]

  6. Namibia Region: All South African banks enabled for the Namibia region. [PHX-5033]

  7. Waived Penalties: Unit list ‘drop down’ replaced with a pop-up showing owner names and other enhancements. [PHX-4174]

  8. Unit List: The unit search now returns units that do not have an owner assigned. [PHX-4475]

  9. Invoice Processing: “AP Refunds” are no long shown in the Invoice Processing module. [PHX-4358]


  1. General Ledger: Opening expense (negative value) in list changes the way it is shown. [PHX-2046]

  2. Committee Members: Change committee “type” from “Board” to “Committee” in all AU regions. [PHX-4142]

  3. Issue Fees: Able to keep billing future dated Management Fees and disbursements. [PHX-4160]

  4. Issue Fees: Fixed Disbursements are available to issue prematurely. [PHX-4161]

  5. Issue Fees: Management Fee record available to issue prematurely. [PHX-4168]

  6. Work Orders: Edit option on canceled quotation required. [PHX-4313]

  7. Accounts Receivable: Wrong format of Plan address is displayed in generated invoice. [PHX-4376]

  8. Invoices: Supplier field should be marked as required. [PHX-4385]

  9. General Ledger: It is possible to select unit without owner when creating levy receipt. [PHX-4386]

  10. General Ledger: Delete DEFT levy receipt: Internal Server error returned when attempting to delete Levy receipts added during reconciliation. [PHX-4473]

  11. Accounts Receivable: Invoice with ‘Qty’ as ‘2’ displays total for ‘1’. [PHX-4477]

  12. Owners Corporation Certificate: Person Requesting Certificate and Purchaser with apostrophe (eg. O’neal) results in Integration error. [PHX-4581]

  13. Email History: API error after editing Date Sent Range. [PHX-4593]

  14. Account Management: When switching Property from one which has Cost Centre/Cost Account to one without, user is redirected to a blank Page without headers. [PHX-4599]

  15. Invoice Processing: Absence of shortcut combination under the Delete button. [PHX-4607]

  16. Insurance Claim: ‘Policy Number’ is not red to indicate mandatory field. [PHX-4608]

  17. Address Book: Some owner details disappear on refresh. [PHX-4658]

  18. Management Agreement: Can select multiple options for each item in the Services tab. [PHX-4759]

  19. Invoice Processing: ‘Hold’ & ‘Delete’ button shortcuts not consistent with other screens. [PHX-4773]

  20. Integration: “Invalid refresh token” integration error when call plaza router. [PHX-4820]

  21. Debt Collection: Payment does not seem to be picked-up by the DebtCol Lambda process. [PHX-4899]

  22. Budget: ‘Special Levy Expenses’ appearing in the budget on I&E when not present in Budget. [PHX-4265]

  23. Committee Members: (data fix) “query did not return unique result” when attempting to update CM record. [PHX-4828]

  24. Strataware: Financials not displaying on summary screen or financial statement. [PHX-4998]

  25. Tasks: Unpaid sundry trigger failing due to new entry in legal_values. [PHX-4973]

  26. MyCommunity: Escape “!” in the General Ledger “Attachments” so Management Fee invoices are included. [PHX-4816]

  27. MyCommunity: Manager not receiving email when invoice is approved/rejected. [PHX-4960]

  28. MyCommunity: Invoice number and Contractor details missing from email to Manager. [PHX-4959]

  29. Unit Ledger: Special Levy Description contains Levy Type and description without space. [PHX-4665]

Update by Leslie Leahy

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