Urbanise Strata Update (55.3)

Todays update introduces a significant change to Invoice Processing that improves the way you work with ‘rejected’ invoices. We’ve also enhanced Work Orders, the Address Book and several other key parts of the system.

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Note that throughout the release notes you’ll see labels formatted as [PHX-0000], these are for our own internal reference and link to our development tools. Feel free to ignore them. 🙂

Invoice Processing Changes

The ‘work flow’ in Invoice Processing has been changed to avoid invoices piling up in the rejected queue. To achieve this the ability to ‘delete’ invoices was added, as well as changes to the way in which ‘rejecting’ an invoice works. [PHX-4347]

Changes include:

  1. Delete: An option has been added to “Delete” an invoice directly from the ‘data entry’ or ‘manager review’ screens.

  2. Delete Reason: When deleting an invoice, you are prompted to select a reason for the deletion. The same functionality is now present in the Accounts Payable ledger as well. [PHX-4348]

  3. Reject: You can now only reject an invoice from the ‘manager review’ step. Rejected invoices are sent to the data entry “Rejected” queue.

  4. Reject Reason: When rejecting an invoice, you are prompted to select a reason for the rejection.

An option to show the “Accrue From” and “Accrue To” dates on the ‘data entry’ screen has also been implemented. Note that in order to see these fields in Invoice Processing you will need to first enable the option in “System Settings”. [PHX-4309]

See below for reference.

Work Orders

Enhancements have been made to make it easier to find Work Orders by their reference number. [PHX-4070]

  1. A new column has been added to the list screen for “WO reference” that displays the work order number

  2. The search has been extended to include both “Description of Work” and “WO reference

Other Improvements

  1. Address Book: You can now view ‘associated contacts’ without having to edit the address book record. [PHX-284]

  2. Address Book: Additional validation was added to the Supplier screen, specifically requiring bank account details where “Payment by EFT” is checked. [PHX-2490]

  3. Reports: The “Purchaser” field is no longer mandatory on the Owners Corporation Certificate, while the “Person Requesting Certificate” now is mandatory. [PHX-3993]

  4. Save Button: Once clicked, the ‘save’ button now remains inactive until the operation has been successful. This is to avoid capturing ‘double-clicks’ on some functions. [PHX-4156]

  5. Interim Levies: The data on this screen now refreshes automatically when a budget is approved (no need to refresh the browser). [PHX-4267]

  6. New Property: When a new property is added to the system its default setting for “Do not process arrears” is set to TRUE. This avoids arrears going out for properties until they are completely setup. [PHX-4427]

  7. Tables: For screens with tables (ledgers for example), the header will no longer shrink when scrolling. This was changed so that you always have access to the filters. [PHX-4504]


  1. Account Management: Mandatory fields become read-only after switching from new account tab. [PHX-1525]

  2. Account Management: In ‘Cost Center’, the values in ‘Selected Lots’ section are editable in ‘read’ mode. [PHX-1718]

  3. Accounts Payable: When editing a paid invoice the Supplier can’t be changed. [PHX-4417] Accounts Payable: List view – When there are multiple payments per invoice the correct amount is not displayed. [PHX-4418]

  4. Accounts Receivable: Plan address is truncated in generated invoice. [PHX-4377]

  5. Budgets: Amend validation between levy periods and budget periods amounts. [PHX-4657]

  6. Committee: Adding a Committee Member returns a ‘duplicate key’ error. [PHX-4592]

  7. DebtCol: System Task was triggered and Task was created for Plans/Lots with flags. [PHX-4478]

  8. DebtCol: CLIENT – ‘ContactDetails’ sent as single object. [PHX-4619]

  9. DebtCol: CASE – ‘Addresses’ is sent outside of “Debtors” array. [PHX-4620]

  10. General: Cannot scroll to the bottom of table larger than the screen. [PHX-4425]

  11. General Ledger: Save button remains disabled on the receipt levy screen if the POST backend call fails. [PHX-4387]

  12. Important Dates: “Start of Financial Year” – Disable text input so only calendar picker can be used. [PHX-3988]

  13. Public Strata API: bankTransactions – Improve Plan Number selection logic. [PHX-4424]

  14. Reports: Cannot search for “Choose a Report Section” in Reports. [PHX-1535]

  15. Suppliers: Suppliers with a ‘Last Name’ are not returned in the ‘Suppliers List’ screen unless that record has been viewed already. [PHX-4330]

  16. Tasks: Debtor Management task status is COMPLETED when the system automatically triggered the debt collection process. [PHX-4484]

  17. Tasks: Debtor Management task “Comment By” is empty for comments added by lambda process. [PHX-4495]

  18. Tasks: Discrepancy between tasks shown on SM Dashboard and Tasks List. [PHX-4317]

  19. Unit List: The last few lots in the Unit List screen are not displayed on screen – even after scrolling. [PHX-4422]

Update by Leslie Leahy

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