Urbanise Strata Update (54.2)

Todays update introduces the ability to edit “categories” of invoices (and only categories) in the Accounts Payable Ledger, even after they are paid. This allows you to fix incorrect categorisation without the need to pass a General Journal.

It also introduces a new API endpoint, an option to send ABA and BPAY files to an FTP server and more. Continue reading for details…

Note that in the bullet points you’ll see a link at the end of each item formatted as [PHX-0000], these are for our own internal reference and link to our development tools. Feel free to ignore them. 🙂


  1. Accounts Payable: A new option to ‘Edit Categories’ has been added to the Accounts Payable Ledger. Users with this option can edit an invoices categories (and only categories) to assist with re-coding. [PHX-4143]

  2. Payment Files: Macquarie ABA & BPAY files can now be sent to a pre-defined FTP server when generated. When active, this replaces the ‘download’ function. [PHX-4130 & PHX-3992]

  3. Public Strata API: A new API endpoint (called “Bank Transactions“) has been added to allow you to push bank transactions for properties directly to the system. This is very useful for banks that we do not have a direct integration with. [PHX-3971]


  1. Address Book: When navigating to an owner record from the “Unit List” screen, where that owner has multiple units, the unit you navigated from is selected by default. [PHX-3386]

  2. Invoice Processing: A properties “Available Balance” has been added, in addition to the existing “Bank Balance”. This information mirrors that in the General Ledger. [PHX-3829]

  3. Special Levies: Negative levies can now be configured and issued. [PHX-4006]

  4. Reports: “Balanced Journals” have been renamed to “General Journals” in various reports. [PHX-4099]

  5. System Settings: A new option has been added for “Resetting of lot debtor level on next levy issue”. This is important for Victorian plans, however can be activated in any region should you choose. [PHX-4196]


  1. Cost Centre: The “tax fee” option has been removed from all regions except New Zealand. [PHX-3156]

  2. Dashboard: The “Overdue Invoices” widget has been tweaked to better represent invoice data. [PHX-3176]

  3. Public Strata API: The “lot” call now returns the “nameOnTitle” for the “addressType” of “Postal Address”. [PHX-4242]

  4. Automatic Reconciliation: Direct debit reversals are now excluded from the automatic reconciliation process. [PHX-4261]

  5. Special Levies: Unable to save when a manual calculation results in a rounding issue. [PHX-4374]

  6. Address Block: Enhancements to the address block on levies, arrears and global statements to better accommodate international addresses. [PHX-4335]

  7. Security Deposit: Remove the “Both” option from the “Funds” section. [PHX-4326]

  8. General Ledger: Validation error when deleting levy receipts. [PHX-4312]

Update by Leslie Leahy

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