Urbanise Strata Update (53)

Todays update contains a number of fixes related to the Committee screen, additional functionality in the Insurance Policy screen, the introduction of an “Undo Approval” button for budgets and the beta version of the “Issue Fees” screen for end user testing.

We’ve also introduced a number of other improvements that are worth reviewing. Continue reading for details…

Note that in the bullet points you’ll see a link at the end of each item formatted as [PHX-0000], these are for our own internal reference and link to our development tools. Feel free to ignore them. 🙂


  1. Issue Fees: The first version of the ‘issue fees’ screen is released in this update for beta testing. Access to this screen is controlled via ‘security groups’. [PHX-3268]

  2. DebtCol Settings: A screen in ‘system settings’ to configure parameters for use with the DebtCol system. [PHX-3719]

  3. DebtCol Log: A screen to view logs of API calls made to the DebtCol system. [PHX-3720]


  1. Insurance Policy: New fields added for insurance commission data. [PHX-3646]

  2. Dates: Date formats have been aligned across various screens. [PHX-4084]

  3. Pop-up Lists: Enhanced to ensure the last item in a list never ‘cuts’ off data. [PHX-3723]

  4. Unit Selector: Now uses a ‘back-end’ search. [PHX-3700]

  5. Tabs: When clicking ‘refresh’ on your web browser all tabs now remain open. [PHX-3721]

  6. Budgets: A new “Undo Approval” option has been added. [PHX-3776]

  7. Tasks: Can now be optionally assigned to a ‘unit’. [PHX-3804]

  8. Bank Rec Variances: Links to the General Ledger and Bank Statement screen have been added. [PHX-4104]

  9. Bank Rec Variances: A ‘please wait’ message has been added when generating reports from this screen. [PHX-4105]

  10. General Ledger: The ‘unit selector’ when receipting a levy has been aligned with a standard control. [PHX-4029]


  1. Committee: Fixed a ‘general error’ when trying to create a committee member. [PHX-4065]

  2. Committee: Improved backwards compatibility with Strataware for members created in Urbanise Strata [PHX-2974]

  3. Committee: General error when trying to delete a committee member who has had an email sent to them previously. [PHX-4064]

  4. Committee: Issue displaying multiple committee member details. [PHX-3746]

  5. Committee Report: Improved backwards compatibility with Strataware for reporting. [PHX-3149]

  6. Global Search: The ‘type error’ when a Supplier has no license has been resolved. [PHX-4032]

  7. Uninvoiced Disbursements: Records with populated ‘invoicedate’ are returned in the list. [PHX-4016]

  8. Uninvoiced Disbursements: Unable to edit “description & group” values. [PHX-4041]

  9. Global Reports: Unable to generate the ‘insurance details’ report. [PHX-3965]

Update by Leslie Leahy

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