Urbanise Strata Update (101)

This release includes the following enhancements and bug fixes:

Note: If you are unable to review any of the items below when you log into Urbanise Strata, please clear your browser cache. For more information see FAQ - How To Clear Cache In Google Chrome


Communications: New Email

A new option has been added under the Comms menu to send an email directly from Urbanise Strata. Navigate to Comms > Communication > New Email to start sending emails and follow the steps to choose the contact group, property and recipients.

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Lock Dates Live Report

A new Live Report is available to view the lock dates of plans. To access the Lock Dates Live Report navigate to Reports > Live Reports > Lock Dates.

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API Changes

A new endpoint is available to call the apAccrual PUT request using the “planNo” parameter.

Bug Fixes and Other Changes


A Work Order with a status of REVIEW could not be cancelled in previous versions. This issue has been resolved.


An issue with new users not being able to add new licenses or insurances via the Supplier Compliance screen has been resolved.


When the Email History is open and the browser is refreshed, a new Email History tab opened with no data. This issue has been resolved.


An issue with searching and applying filters in the Email History screen has been resolved.


An issue with checking and unchecking items in the By-Laws screen has been resolved.