Urbanise Platform Update: 18/12/2015

On Friday 18th of December we’ll be doing our final update for 2015. This is a clean-up release with a bunch of minor enhancements, most of which are not visible to you as the end user – however there are a number of small functional improvements that we think you’ll like. These include:

  1. Ops agents can see the filter count for COMPLETED and CANCELLED requests/jobs list screens

  2. Force’s “In Progress” list screen is now sorted by most recent updated date, so the last job worked on appears at the top

  3. Force users can now filter the Attended list of jobs/appointments that have not recorded a customer’s signature

  4. Ops request/job list screen: “Needs Attention” filter section highlights orange when an agent has items that “need attention” (ie. a customer has commented on an order)

  5. Request list export DESCRIPTION column will now contain the free text description for a support request

  6. Quote Submission report now has a consistent value for ACCEPTED quotes in the summary and the table of results.  ACCEPTED metric now represents the Accepted quotes from the one submitted during the period being filtered

  7. Performance improvements across the wizard screens when setting up job plans

  8. Asset and Location job plans can now be backdated.  That is, the start date can be set in the past so that the system then works out when the next planned job is needed.  Ideal for users that have a history of planned work that have prior start dates that need to be preserved for future maintenance work

  9. Agent’s can configure a supplier so they don’t see Outstanding Amount Balances for jobs on Mobile WorkForce