Urbanise Platform Update: 06/02/2016

Today’s update includes enhancements to the Urbanise Platform’s Performance Management functionality.

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Details of audit scores on an Account’s Performance report

Each audit KPI reported on the Account Performance report is a link to view more details on how the score was generated. It shows each audit job, when it was due and the score that makes up the audit metric’s total. Each job is a link to view the details of the job for further review.


History of applied performance adjustments for an Account

On the Account performance report, the section below the filters includes a list of all historical performance adjustments that were applied to the account. This provides visibility on what has already been completed so that duplicate reports are not mistakenly applied. Each applied period is a link that automatically presets the filters to show the report for that period’s applied performance adjustment.


Linking audits direct to your Suppliers

Work instructions that are set up as “audits” can be directly linked to Suppliers that will attribute audit scores (complete or incomplete) to the specific Supplier.

Any job using the (audit) work instruction will count to the Supplier’s audit performance score, for the period the job is due.


How to treat incomplete audit jobs and scores

A new option for audit work instructions, allows you to specify how the performance system should report/score incomplete jobs and incomplete audit scores.

Score as 100%, means incomplete audit jobs will be reported as 100%. This is ideal for Operators performing audits of their Suppliers whereby Operators don’t actually complete their audits. The Supplier in this case should not be penalised for Operators that forget to complete their audits.

Score as 0%, means incomplete audit jobs will be reported as 0%. This option is provided where as an Operator, you want to encourage your staff and Suppliers to complete their audits and if they are not completed, the score is 0, thus penalising the Supplier/Operations staff.


New Supplier Performance metric “Compliance documents”

As a first release, we support the ability for Supplier’s to upload their own compliance documentation and set the expiration date for each compliance document. If the new performance metric “All compliance documents up to date” is added by the Operator to their platform, then it is possible to report a Supplier’s compliance obligations are valid and up to date. This is new performance metric that is available via the Account Performance Report and Supplier’s can be penalised if they let their compliance lapse during the reported period.

Suppliers can attach compliance documents to their supplier account


Add the new Measured KPI “Compliance documents up to date” as a performance metric to the system for reporting.


Report on the new Measured KPI against specific Accounts, for Supplier’s Compliance.