Urbanise Platform Update: 04/12/2015

Urbanise is releasing an update to their platform on Friday December 4th 2015 – here is what to expect.

Skills for Agents & Job Templates have replaced Categories

Through simple and flexible tagging, we are putting in place ways to link jobs with agents and suppliers.  Skills replace Job Category, so that your existing Job Categories are preserved and linked to each Job Template.

Associated help desk articles:

  1. Creating Job Templates

  2. Creating Agents

New ability to add your Bank Details directly to invoices

Add banking details for your business so they appear on emailed invoices to your customers.

Associated help desk articles:

  1. Adding or editing your business details

Options to better measure performance (SLA)

The performance management capability allows Operators to select which system generated performance metrics to include for their platform.  Currently, Urbanise allows the following platform performance metrics to be included:

  1. Completed jobs vs what was planned

  2. Reactive jobs completed within their Contract SLA

  3. Callouts completed within their Contract SLA

  4. Emergency jobs completed within their Contract SLA

  5. Urgent jobs completed within their Contract SLA

  6. Good customer job ratings received from onsite jobs

Associated help desk articles:

  1. Performance management

Enhancements to the Job Planner

An update to the new job planner sees the addition of two new interactions.  Selecting a date in the planner’s calendar provides the user with an additional calendar, allowing the user to refine the filtering even further.  Selecting a date on the lower calendar allows the user to perform two actions on the filtered jobs from the main calendar.  These include

  1. Cancelling (dropping) the planned jobs in the event they are no longer required or passed their due date where future jobs will replace the overdue ones

  2. Moving the jobs to another (due) date

Associated help desk articles:

  1. Moving & cancelling jobs in the planner

  2. Saving filters in the planner

Mobile Workforce: Main screen GUI changes

The new home screen is available to differentiate between:

  1. Appointments – jobs with appointments, TODAY, TOMORROW, IN PROGRESS and OVERDUE.

  2. Attended – jobs attended to, increased from 7 days to 30 days old so agents can see more jobs they have worked on

  3. Assigned – jobs directly assigned to the field agent that don’t have an appointment. Often you don’t want or need to make an appointment, so just assigning the job to the agent allows the agent to see their own jobs via this tile.  Agents can now access these jobs for completion.

  4. Planned – recurring jobs planned for regular maintenance/service work.  Agents can also access these jobs, just like any other job with an appointment.

Associated help desk articles:

  1. Overview & basic navigation

Mobile Workforce: Planned jobs & filters

Finding the correct planned jobs to be working on can be a challenge.  We are continuously improving this area and today’s update goes some way to allowing field agents to filter the list of planned jobs.

Current filters include:

  1. Due date of the job

  2. Job priority

  3. Location (building name currently available)

  4. Skill – defaults to the skill(s) set for the field agent that match the skills required for the job

  5. Asset category

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  1. Using planned jobs & filters

Mobile Workforce: Check-in and check-out & skipping signature

Field agents can check in to jobs that don’t have an appointment.  For example a job was raised and assigned to the field agent but no appointment was provided.  The field agent may be in the area and decides for practical purposes that attending the job now is of benefit.  The field agent is able to check in to the job without needing an appointment.  This functionality also proves effective for maintenance work where jobs are not booked and are required to be completed before a specific date.

Field agents can check in to planned jobs as they see fit and complete their jobs. So any job within Force can be checked in to and the job can be worked on.  This includes any planned job (one that is part of a job plan) or any job directly assigned to the field agent.

There are times where the field agent is required to complete the appointment but the customer is not present to sign it off.  Agents can now access their attended jobs from the Attended list and record a customer signature after completing the job, provided a signature has not already been recorded.

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  1. Check-in/out and closing jobs

  2. Creating jobs

Mobile Workforce: Detailed Job information including all jobs at a location

You will probably notice a cleaner and easier to read job details screen for field agents.  A cluttered and hard to read screen doesn’t help anyone.  But don’t worry the data is still available, along with a lot more information about the job, that can be located in the “Other Details” section of the job.

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  1. Jobs & viewing detailed information