Urbanise Operations Centre Update 28 June 2017

On Wednesday June 28th 2017, Urbanise released an update to the Operations Centre.

Viewing Inactive Jobs

We have created a new filter in Operations > Jobs called ‘Show Inactive Jobs’. This filter gives agents access to future jobs that are a part of Job Plans, but are not yet due and ‘active’.

New ‘Global’ Job and Request Filters

Operator Agents now have the ability to create custom ‘Global’ Job and Request filters within the Operations Centre. These global filters may be used by all agents with access to the Operations Centre.

Introducing Area Hierarchy

The new Area Hierarchy functionality allows agents to create a series of unlimited ‘tiered’ layers in between Locations and Areas. This is designed to improve the ability to locate and raise work for Locations, Areas and Assets.

Click here for more information on the above enhancements.