Urbanise Operations Centre and Workforce Update 9 December 2016

On Friday December 9th 2016, Urbanise released an update to the Operations Centre and the Mobile Workforce App.

Restrict Supplier Access to the Operations Centre

Remove Supplier access to the Operations Centre, or revoke only access to Accounts and Locations as required.


New Audit Comparison Performance Report

We’ve added a new performance report that allows operators to compare historical audit results between Segments, Suppliers, Accounts and even Locations.


Supplier List Segmentation

Operations Agents will now only be able to see suppliers and supplier agents within their associated segments.


Apply Penalties for Failed Work Instruction Tasks

Operators now have the ability to set work instructions up to automatically penalise suppliers when a “Pass/Fail” checklist item is failed.


Workforce Update

Our Android and IOS mobile Force apps have been updated with various performance enhancements and bug fixes. We strongly advise all users to update to the latest version from the Apple App and Google Play Stores.


This update also included various bug fixes and enhancements.

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