Urbanise Operations Centre and Workforce Update 14 June 2017

On Wednesday June 14th 2017, Urbanise released an update to the Operations Centre and the Mobile Workforce App.

Custom Job Fields

Create your own custom text or list Job Fields for planned or reactive jobs.

Below: A custom List Job Field within Apple IOS Mobile Workforce App:

Below: A custom list Job Field against a Job in the Operations Centre:

Add Assets to Location based Jobs

When attending to reactive Location based jobs in Force, agents may now attach Asset(s) to the job as necessary.

New Job Plan Frequency Options

To allow for total flexibility, we’ve enhanced the job plan frequency options to include days as well as weekdays. This gives operators the ability to schedule jobs every ‘x’ number of days within a required timeframe, or on any given day of the week.

Note: Please ensure that you update the Force IOS and Android Apps to the latest version in conjunction with this update.

This update also included various bug fixes and performance enhancements.

Click here for more information on the above enhancements.