Urbanise Mobile Workforce Update 21 June 2016

On Tuesday 21st June 2016, Urbanise released a major update to their Mobile Workforce apps.

New Feature – Capturing Assets from your Mobile!

Recording new assets into your Urbanise environment is now quick, simple and mobile! Here is a brief summary of what is available in today’s update:

  1. Record Asset data on your mobile while both online and offline. Data is synchronised while online and the asset register within the Operations Center is updated

  2. We remember your last asset recorded for faster and more efficient data entry

  3. Use the QR Code or Barcode scanner to record information/serial numbers to minimise user error when entering your Assets

  4. Upload multiple images of the asset at once

  5. Record GPS location co-ordinates, this will be handy in future updates to locate assets nearby

  6. Tag your assets, adding new tags where necessary

  7. The ability to add notes against your assets (general information or comments)

Release Notes 11

Below: Entering Assets within force directly updates the Asset list within the Operations platform.

Ops Centre

General Enhancements

Our mobile workforce update not only improves performance and stability of the apps, but also aligns the core functionality across both the Android and iOS versions providing a consistent application to end users. Specifically, the update includes:

  1. Improved offline mode and more efficient data pre-load/synchronisation processes

  2. The ability to raise additional jobs from the current job you are working on for one or more Assets/Areas

  3. Create additional jobs for work instructions, and upload photos for each task

  4. Enhanced filtering within the “Attended” tile, including the ability to locate jobs without signatures

  5. The Assigned Jobs tile will now only display jobs specific to the agent’s applied skills.

  6. This update also includes integration to the Urbanise platform’s Parts and Inventory update.

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