Urbanise Mobile Workforce and Operations Centre Update 29 July 2016

On Friday 29th July 2016, Urbanise released an update to their Mobile Workforce apps and the Operations Centre.

Mobile Workforce Update – Version 2.2 (Android and Apple IOS)

Within this release, we have implemented the following enhancements:

  1. We’ve enhanced the Menu

  2. ‘Notify via SMS’ functionality has been added to the mega menu (for those with existing SMS capability)

  3. Visual and functional improvements  have been made to completing Work Instruction Tasks

  4. Operator/Supplier Approval Limits now effect how charges are added


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Operations Centre Enhancements

We have also made the following upgrades to the Operations Centre:

  1. The ability to set Agent Approval Limits

  2. We can now download a PDF copy of the job summary page

  3. New Work Instruction Task List options

Work Instructions Image

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