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Urbanise Facilities Management Update (30 March 2023)

This release delivers several enhancements in the Urbanise FM platform to assist in streamlining your operations.

Audit history

All changes made to assets over time, including custom attributes, will be logged and stored to allow field-by field asset auditing.

Changes to assets made via the Ops portal or Workforce Apps will be recorded. The Asset Audit history log will show the following details for each field:

  • the logged in user's name

  • change date

  • details of the change made in the relevant field

The Asset Audit History can also be generated from the Ops portal by selecting Actions > Audit for an individual asset.

  • Using Filter by Field Change will update the list view to show only the changes made to the select field

  • Scroll across to view more columns

  • Click the EXPORT button to generate a .CSV file of the audit log

Edit compliance comments

A new Agent permission has been added under Agent > Permissions > Compliance > Update/Delete user comments.

  • When the permission Update/Delete user comments is enabled, the configured agent can update or delete their own comments in the Compliance History tab.

  • The Update/Delete user comments permission does not allow agents to update or delete system comments, or comments added by other agents.

  • When a comment has been updated by its creator, the Compliance comments history log will display an 'Edited' flag.

  • When deleting a comment, a prompt will display to confirm the deletion. When a comment has been deleted by its creator, the details of the deletion will be available in the audit log under the following actions:

    • Location Compliance - Delete Comment

    • Location Compliance - Update Comment

  • The Update/Delete user comments permission is included in the Agent Export fie under the heading PERM_UPDATECOMPLIANCECOMMENT

Next Actions

Today's update includes a change to ensure the Next Actions option is available to all operator agents and suppliers in the ops centre when there are no assignees configured in one of the fields when creating Next Actions in Settings > More > Next Actions.

Previously, when a Next Action was saved with assignees in the 'Accessible to Agent' field, the Next Action option was not available to suppliers in the ops centre. When the 'Accessible to Suppliers' field had assignees, the Next Action option was not available to operator agents.


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