Urbanise Facilities Management Update - 28 July 2022

Today's update includes added functionality to enhance the administration and security of the platform.

The existing functionality around agent permissions and approvals has been expanded to allow roles to be categorised and assigned to multiple operator agents (excluding suppliers).

  • The Role Categories feature streamlines the management of operator agents when creating new users or reviewing roles within your business

  • Future feature updates will leverage the new role category functionality

  • Existing agent permissions are retained and will not be impacted by the update

New functionality

  • A new option to manage agent permissions and approval levels has been added under Settings > Role Categories.

Changes to existing functionality

The following changes were made in Settings > Agents in this update:

  • The Approval setting previously located in the Agent Details section has been moved and is now located underneath the new Role Category section

  • The Agent Approval setting has been renamed Agent Specific Approval

  • A new section has been added to set the Role Category in Agent Details

  • The Agents list screen displays the agent's Role Category, and the setting is included in the Agent export file under the heading ROLECATEGORY

Important Notes on Approval Limits

  • Existing Approval levels for agents will be migrated and displayed in the Agent Specific Approval section in Agent Details.

  • When an Agent Specific Approval selection is saved for an agent, and a Role Category with an approval limit is added for the same agent, then the Agent Specific Approval limit will be applied as the agent’s approval limit. The Agent Specific Approval level can be selected from a list of Approvals that have already been created under Settings > Approvals.

  • The Agent Specific Approval level may be removed using the delete icon if required. Please note: The delete functionality only applies when the logged-in agent's approval limit is higher than the agent being edited.

Creating a new Role Category

When a Role Category is created, it is not associated with operators. To create a role category, follow the workflow below:

1. Navigate to the Settings page and select Role Categories

2. Select the Add button and complete the required information to create a new Role Category

  • Name (mandatory field)

  • Description (optional field)

  • Amount Limit (optional field)

3. Enable the applicable selections for the role category under each of the following sections

  • Permissions

  • Customers

  • Operations

  • Operational Data

  • Admin & Configuration

  • Reporting

4. Save the new Role Category

To delete a saved Role Category, use the delete icon and confirm the delete prompt. Deleting a Role Category will remove it from all associated agents. Their existing permissions and Agent Specific Approval limit will not be affected.

Important Notes on Permissions

  • Permissions set here are automatically applied when the role category is assigned to a new agent, so the permissions setting in the Agent screen will be automatically updated.

  • When assigning the role category to an existing agent, their previously configured permissions will be updated to reflect the permissions linked to the role category.

Managing Role Categories

  • When viewing a Role Category, a list of operators will display to indicate agents currently assigned to each role category

  • To edit the details of a saved role category, navigate to Settings > Role Categories and select the role from the list of available roles

  • When a role category is updated, all operator profiles associated with the category will automatically be updated

Assigning a Role Category

When role categories have been created they are ready to be assigned to operator agents. Follow the steps below to assign a role category to a new or existing agent.

  1. Navigate to the Settings page and select Agents

  2. Select an agent or create a new agent, then scroll down to Role Categories and select a role category from the list of available roles

  3. Review/edit the permissions and Save the record

Remember that the Agent Specific Approval limit will override the approval limit associated with an Operator Role.

Other changes included in this update:

When adding or editing a Job Plan for a location or an asset, a new option is available to add a Job Plan Description.