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Urbanise Facilities Management Update (27 January 2023)

This release delivers the a number of enhancements in the Urbanise FM platform to assist in streamlining your operations.

Locked fields on invoices

Some fields in the Operations centre will be read-only and cannot be edited when a job's invoice status is one of the following:



  • PAID

When the invoice status is one of the above, the following fields will be read-only:

  • Deleting documents of type INVOICE

  • Invoice date

  • Supplier invoice reference number

  • GL code

  • PO Amount field

  • When viewing the job details page, the location may be changed from the Job Details page when no job quote or job invoice exists and the job status is one of the following:

    • Quote Pending

    • New

    • In Progress

    • Waiting

Mandatory attachments to invoices

A new option is available to ensure a document is attached when a supplier submits an invoice for a job. This business rule can be enabled by Urbanise Support at your request.

  • When the option is enabled, a new 'Upload Invoice' option will be available. When selected, the Attachments window will display to allow the supplier to attach a document related to the invoice. The document type will default to 'Invoice'.

  • If the invoice is submitted for approval without an invoice attachment, the operator will be prompted to attach a document when submitting a final invoice for approval in the Operations Portal.

  • Additional documents can be attached to an invoice by selecting the document type of Invoice in the Attachments window.


  • DRAFT invoices may be saved without attaching documents

  • Invoice attachments may be deleted before an invoice is submitted, but cannot be deleted after the invoice is approved

Invoice List screen

  • A new field has been added to display the Supplier Invoice Number in the SUPPLIER INV# column

  • The INVOICE# column header has been renamed INVOICE REF

  • The Job Reference Number now displays in the details section in the JOB column

  • The invoice number search now allows searching by invoice reference number and also supplier invoice number

Supplier Email notifications

The following changes have been made to the email notifications sent to suppliers:

  • The 'Job Assigned' email will include the new field to display the PO Amount when a value has been entered on the job. When the amount is blank, this field will not display in the email. This change applies to email notifications sent for jobs with the following raised conditions:






  • ''Job Assigned' email for jobs with the raised condition of PLANNED will display the following new fields when the values have been entered in planned costs:

    • Labour cost

    • Part cost

  • The 'Job Assigned' email will now include the Ops logo as configured in Settings > General > Business Details.

    • The logo will display above the Business Name.

    • When no logo has been configured, only the Business Name will display in the header of the email.

Job Wizards

We've improved the functionality around the Raise Work Order and Raise Quote wizards launched from Locations and Assets:

  • A new system option is available to hide the requestor details in the job wizards. When the option is enabled, the following drops-downs will not display in the wizards:

    • Requester Name

    • Phone

    • Email

This business rule can be enabled by Urbanise Support at your request.

  • Step 1 of the wizard: When the accounts for the location has only one linked account, the 'Account name' field will be automatically populated.

  • Step 2 of the wizard: When no work instructions have been configured, the Checkin and Close Work drop-downs will not display in the wizards.


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