Urbanise Facilities Management Update (17 August 2022)

In this update we’ve improved the functionality around promoting nominated suppliers for locations.

Changes to existing functionality

The following changes were introduced in this update:

Location Details

Existing suppliers saved to locations prior to this update have been retained.

To view/edit preferred suppliers, edit the location.

  • The previously named Suppliers section in the location details screen has been renamed Preferred Suppliers

  • Suppliers added here will display in the Preferred Suppliers section of the assignee dropdown lists when creating job plans and jobs.

Quotes and Jobs

When preferred suppliers have been assigned to locations, the preferred suppliers are sorted at the top of Assignee dropdowns based on existing security parameters for segment, region and skill. Other matching Suppliers and matching Operators are also displayed in the list in a highlighted section.

  • The assignee dropdown list will display preferred suppliers, if any, at the top of the list under the heading Preferred Suppliers.

  • Matching suppliers will display in the following order in the assignee drop-down list

  • Preferred Suppliers

  • Matching Suppliers

  • Matching Operators

  • Matching suppliers will display in the order listed above in the Assign to drop-down when editing jobs and work orders

Operations Centre

Previously, when viewing Requests and Jobs lists in the Operations Centre, records with no assignee displayed a drop-down option to allow a supplier to be assigned.

In this update, a change was made to display an Assign option next to unassigned records in the list. When clicking on the Assign option, a drop-down list will become available to select a supplier from a list of preferred suppliers, matching suppliers, and matching operators.