Urbanise Strata Update (72)

Today's update includes the ability to view all invoices for a supplier, and enhancements to Invoice Processing functionality and search functionality in the General Ledger.


Supplier Invoices list

When viewing the Supplier Invoices screen, clicking the Details breadcrumb displays a new Invoices option. Selecting this option will display a list of all invoices for the selected supplier.

Invoices display the following information:

  • Invoice Date (including the ability to filter by date range)

  • Due Date

  • Plan Number

  • Property Name (including the ability to filter by property)

  • Reference

  • Invoice Number

  • Amount

  • Amount Paid

Accessing tasks across branches

Users configured with the same email address in multiple branches under one parent company can now view all tasks assigned to them at branch level when logged into the parent company. Previously, tasks assigned at branch level to users configured in this manner could only be accessed at branch level.

Tiered Approvals for Invoice Processing

Navigate to Settings > Financial > invoice Processing to set up and configure tiered approvals.

When the Use Tiered Approvals checkbox is selected, three levels of tiers will be available to configure.

Tier 1 - Strata Manager

Current functionality

Tier 2 - typically members of a User Group representing branch managers

  • Set a threshold amount for invoice in All invoices over

  • Select the security group for this approval tier

Tier 3 - typically members of a User Group representing State or Country managers ( senior to the Branch manager)

  • Tier 3 will become available when Tier 2 has been configured and provides the same configuration options as Tier 2

Queensland reports

The following new reports are now available to be exported in PDF format by navigating to Reports > Plans & Lots for plans where the region is Queensland.

  1. Disclosure Statement - forms part of a unit contract of sale

  2. Information Certificate - supplied to prospective unit purchasers

Westpac NZ Direct Debit - Phase 1

Today's release includes new functionality to support the processing of direct debit payments in New Zealand when banking with Westpac NZ.

This functionality allows the plan to be enabled for Direct Debit payments when banking with Westpac NZ, so that the units in that plan can be enabled for direct debits payments.

Note: The ability to process direct debit payments is under development and is not available in this release. The functionality in this release provides is an opportunity to prepare plans and units with the details required to process direct debit payments when the full functionality is available for release.

  1. Navigate to Finance > Property Functions > Bank Accounts and click the Edit button.

  2. Click on the Select branch link in the BSB section. If the plan previously banked with a different bank and now banks with Westpac NZ, use the Remove branch link to reset the bank.

  3. Select Westpac NZ from the list to view the available branches. Select the branch and Save.

  4. When selecting Westpac NZ, the Direct Debit Enabled flag is automatically selected to enable the Direct Debit of Owner Accounts.

When the plans' bank account has been configured with Westpac NZ banking and Direct Debit, an option is available to enable each unit in the plan for Direct Debit payments.

  • A new option is available on the unit screen to enable Direct Debit.

  • When enabled, new options will become available to configured scheduled direct debit payments.

Note: If you choose to to prepare plans and units with direct debit details in advance, please be aware that the payments processing functionality is not yet available. We recommend that you save the direct debit details on each plan and then deselect the Direct Debit Enabled flag at plan level.  All the saved details will be retained and restored on each unit when the Direct Debit Enabled flag is then reselected for the plan.

Westpac NZ Direct Debit - Phase 2 (Not released)

When Phase 2 is available for release, a nightly process will run to identify all direct debits to be processed the following day. All eligible records will display on the screen for review before processing from a new screen accessed via Finance > Global Functions > Process Direct Debits.

Please note: Although the menu item is available in this release, the functionality that allow the payments to be processed is currently in development.


When viewing an Insurance Policy Details screen, the list of past insurances will now display the most recently dated policy at the top of the list.

Accounts Payable Transaction List

A new version of the Accounts Payable Transaction List report is now available. The report contains the same date in an updated format.

Accounts Receivable Search

When viewing the Accounts Receivable ledger, results can now be filtered by typing a value in the search box to search by Reference and Invoice Number.

Accounts Payable Search

When viewing the Accounts Payable ledger, results can now be filtered by typing a value in the search box to search by Reference and Invoice Number.

Accounts Payable Amounts

When viewing the Accounts Payable ledger, the Amount and Amount Paid values now display in colour to match the Supplier Invoices screen.

Items Resolved


In some instances, running a report for a property with no folder structure in the back-end could result in an error. A change has been made to create the full folder structure to allow the report to be generated successfully.


The search functionality has been improved when loading data in the Unit List.


When the parent and child task screens are open for the same task, the parent task could not be closed after closing the child task. This issue has been resolved, and the parent task is refreshed correctly so that it can be closed.


After enabling a property's bank account for Direct Debit on the Bank Account screen, the data was automatically populated in the Unit screen if both screens were in use at the same time. This issue has been resolved.


An issue occurred when saving BPay details when dual authorisation was enabled and a supplier was created without an account number. This issue has been resolved.


An issue with documents failing to upload in the Building Compliance screen has been resolved.


An issue with incorrect invoice data being assigned in the data entry step of Invoice Processing has been resolved.


Previously, the option to create an uninvoiced disbursement for the generation of an Owners Corporation Certificate was available when no values were entered on the report screen. This issue has been resolved.


When creating Multi-Unit Levy Receipts, corresponding records were not created in the General Ledger in some instances. This issue has been resolved.


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